How to restore the shape of the breast after feeding

How to restore the shape of the breast after feeding
Pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding leave their indelible mark on the form Breast and a figure in general. When a child stops eating mother's milk, women sadly recall their former attractiveness. But to return everything to its place is quite possible.

Buy a comfortable and proper bra. It is better if it is a special cotton bodice without bones, designed for feeding. Pick up the cups, which will fit the breast well, but in no case squeeze.

Use special nourishing and moisturizing creams for the decollete zone. Apply the cream after shower several times a week. Combine this procedure with a massage Breast. Alternately massage the left and right mammary glands by hand opposite to nipple. Движения должны быть плавными, поглаживающими. Не сдавливайте грудь.

Exercise muscles Breast with the help of a certain set of exercises. They increase blood circulation in the tissues, tone the muscles of the mammary glands. First, warm the body well by rubbing and circular movements back and forth.

Stand up straight and keep your back straight. Set the legs to the width of the shoulders. Put your hands in front of you, unfolding your hands to each other. Pins point upwards, and keep elbows at the level Breast. Twice the palm of your hand, then turn your fingers to yourself and squeeze your hands again with great effort. Relax muscles and return to the starting position. Exercise repeat 5-10 times.

Поднимите руки до уровня плеч. Выпрямите спину, руки согните в локтях и сцепите в замок пальцы. С силой разводите руки в стороны, не разжимая при этом пальцы. Выполните 10-12 рывков.

Stand up straight and spread your shoulders. Angles of lips lower as low as possible. If you do the right thing, then in the face, neck and Breast you will feel tense muscles. When this happens, lower your shoulders. The veins should protrude on the neck.

Regularly wring out. Get on all fours. Place your arms slightly wider than your shoulders and straighten your legs. In this way, on the palm of your hand and the toes you will keep the weight of the body. Keep your back straight and draw your belly. Control that the back and head are on the same line. So do not lower it and do not throw your head back. Raise your elbows to the sides, touch the floor during breast-pushing. Bending the elbows, inhale, straighten out – exhale. Start classes with five push-ups per day. In time, increase their number to 20.

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