How to restore the figure after giving birth

How to restore the figure after giving birth
The joy of motherhood is considered one of the brightest and warmest sensations in the world. A young mother just radiates from the inside, contemplating her little happiness. And only one circumstance can darken this wonderful period in the life of a woman – a long pregnancy, difficult births, as well as the process of feeding a baby does not pass without a trace for the figure. If you really want to return to your forms before pregnancy, it is not so difficult to do, it is enough to know and follow certain recommendations.

First of all, to restore figures you will need sufficient motivation. And it should be strong enough. Simple sighs and complaints about how you have recovered will not be enough. Only if you realize your goal, you will truly strive for it, success will come to you. No tricks and excuses slender to become you will not help. But it is also not necessary to put unachieved goals. It is better to move in small steps than plan one large breakthrough and suffer a complete fiasco. The goal of resetting 3 kg is much more real than desire grow thin for 30 kg. And the chances of success in the first case, you will have much more. Write down your goal on paper, hang it in a prominent place, for example on the door of the refrigerator. Now she will peeve at your every visit to the kitchen, and will not let you forget that you are losing weight.

Write down your diet. And under the word "diet"We mean not a strict calorie restriction, it is absolutely unacceptable, especially if you feed the child breastfeeding. But the revision of the diet regime will be very useful. Very often young mothers switch to semi-finished meals, explaining this by the lack of time, but for cooking a tasty and useful salad of time will go no more than to boil dumplings, but the usefulness of the two dishes will be very different from each other. Eat better several times a day in small portions, focusing on vegetables, fruits, lean meat and fish. But sweets and white flour products are better to reduce in the diet to a minimum, harm from them is much more than good.

If the childbirth proceeded without any complications, then one month after they can begin physical exercises aimed at adjusting the figure. The type of training will depend on your preferences. Whether you want to study at home or go to a fitness room, choose whether power callanetics or bodyfoot – all this will not be so important. Much more important is the regularity of training and your serious attitude towards them. Daily classes for 15-20 minutes will do you more good than grueling weekly marathons. Exercises on the press will help your stomach to become flat again, and yoga will allow figure to find the former smoothness and grace.
With the right mindset and regularity of lessons, the first noticeable results will come in the first two months from the start of training, and you will again catch envious glances Women and the admiring looks of those around you Men.

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