How to restore the elasticity and beauty of the breast

How to restore the elasticity and beauty of the breast
Breasts are an ornament of a woman. Unfortunately, over time it can lose shape, that is, become saggy, and the skin is flabby. The reasons for this phenomenon are different, for example, it occurs due to natural aging or after breastfeeding. But to regain the former beauty of the breast is quite possible, the main thing – to have patience.

Of course, to make the breasts tightened, you can resort to plastic surgery. But not all women will find the means to do this, especially plastic – this is surgical intervention, and operations leave a mark on human health.

First of all, start exercising. Do this need 3 times a week. You can enroll in the gym and, together with the coach, choose the appropriate training program. If you do not have time, start playing sports at home. Before any exercises, do warm-up, that is, warm up the muscles. To do this, put your feet on the width of your shoulders, straighten your back, start making rotational movements with your head (one way and the other). Then go to the rotation of the shoulders.

Take dumbbells in both hands (for the first workouts it is enough for 1 kg). Lie on your back, bend your arm slightly at the elbow joint. Take a breath, spread your arms to the sides, take the exhalation on the exhalation. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times. Very well strengthens pectoral muscles. If you get hard exercises, try to squeeze off from the wall or cabinet.

To restore the breast to its former beauty, use cosmetic procedures. In the store you can purchase a variety of gels, creams and masks. If you prefer natural ingredients, make a mask of improvised means. For example, one cucumber and lemon twist in a meat grinder or chop in a blender. Add to the received mass 1 st.l. sour cream and egg yolk. Mix everything thoroughly and apply on chest for 20 minutes. You can use watermelon flesh to prepare the product. Mix it with 1 tbsp. milk and egg yolk. Rub in the skin of your chest and leave for 15 minutes.

To make the breasts more elastic, use a contrast shower. Due to its application, blood circulation will improve, the vessels will strengthen, the skin will become more elastic. Before going to bed, massage with a cream that contains collagen and olive oil.

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