How to restore spoiled hair

How to restore spoiled hair
Healthy, radiant, flowing like silk threads hair attract attention and cause admiration, but only some women can boast of such "wealth". Restore lost hair health can be through the implementation of simple actions.

Для восстановления волос не на пару дней, а на более долгий срок, следует действовать комплексно: выяснить причину их плохого состояния и ликвидировать ее изнутри.

If the condition of the hair is completely deplorable, visit the trichologist. After all heal it is necessary not to investigate, but to destroy the cause of the problem. It will not be superfluous to drink mineral-vitamin course, to restore the intestinal microflora with the help of bifidobacteria.

To speed up the process of recovery and hair restoration, be sure to add simple care procedures. These can be masks for hair with milk products (kefir, whey, cream), with rye bread, with active nutrients (honey, henna, yeast, yolk), with vegetable oils (essential or nutritious unrefined), with broths of herbs.

Simple and universal can be called a "home" mask. Brew colorless henna according to the instructions. After cooling to a slightly hot state, add a spoonful of vegetable oil (necessarily unrefined), a couple of drops of ether, a spoonful of natural honey, an alcohol solution or a decoction of herbs (red pepper, chamomile, nut, calendula) and egg yolk. All this thoroughly mix and apply to clean and damp hair.

On top put on a polyethylene hat and warm it with a towel. Hold half an hour, then rinse with warm water with baby shampoo. It's very simple, cheap and effective. Do this once or twice a week, and your hair will become stronger and shiny.

Rinse out hair after washing with medicinal herbs (chamomile, calendula, nut, nettle, coltsfoot, hops, flax, etc.), and massage the scalp with fingers or a comb with wooden teeth.

Не травмируйте hair additionally, combing them in wet form. Do not wear a long towel on your head after washing, creating a greenhouse effect. If possible, reduce all impacts on them of hot air, strong frost, wind and sun.

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