How to restore health to hair

How to restore health to hair
Bright sun, air conditioners, heating appliances, means for drying and styling hair – all these factors have a detrimental effect on the hair. In order to restore health to hair, an integrated approach is necessary – masks, balms, proper nutrition.

Время от времени делайте кефирную маску для волос: подогрейте кефир, нанесите его на волосы, обмотайте их полиэтиленом и махровым полотенцем. Оставьте маску на 3-4 часа, затем смойте. После кефира волосы обретут мягкость и блеск, но имейте ввиду, что они могут стать светлее на 2-3 тона.

Прекрасно оживляет волосы яичная маска с оливковым маслом: смешайте 2-3 яичных желтка, добавьте пару ложек оливкового масла, размешайте, используйте несколько капель цитрусовых эфирных масел (масло апельсина, лимона или грейпфрута) – нанесите на волосы, обмотайте полиэтиленом и оставьте на 40 минут, затем смойте.

After washing hair, rinse them with a decoction of chamomile: chop flowers, pour them with boiling water, let it brew, then cool and rinse.

When choosing a shampoo, balm or hair mask, carefully study the composition. Buy those products that contain vitamins E or B6 – they favorably affect the hair roots.

In time, cut the split ends – your hair will look healthier. The most effective haircut with hot scissors – the tips of the hair are sealed, the cross section stops.

Take care of your diet – take a course of taking multivitamins, use the following microelements:
magnesium – it makes the hair more elastic;

silicon – provides strength;

zinc – protects against premature gray hair;

selenium – saves from the adverse effects of the environment;

calcium – is necessary for hair formation;

iodine – affects the health of the hair.

Perfectly restores hair burdock oil – several times a month apply burdock oil on the hair, leave it for 30-40 minutes, then rinse. In addition, the use of henna favorably affects the hair – from time to time use it to strengthen hair.

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