How to restore hair: oils and serums

How to restore hair: oils and serums
The state of our hair is affected by many different factors, including nutrition, stress level, ecology. And, as a rule, in the rhythm of big cities, all these factors affect the hair in the most negative way, as a result of which they are depleted, fade, split and even fall out. To treat and repair damaged hair is not enough conventional means, professional hair care cosmetics are needed, and the most effective products are special reducing oils and serums.

To achieve visible results in eliminating the problem of depleted hair, the optimal solution will be to refer to professional cosmetics for the care of damaged hair. It, as a rule, contains highly effective active substances, which contribute to rapid recovery. Such cosmetics by right can be considered the products of the treatment and recovery line of the brand Redist, the application of which in a short time will return your hair health and beauty.

Satin shine and silk softness will provide your hair Argan oil Redist Argan. It nourishes and gently restores exhausted hair, returning them a healthy well-groomed appearance. Argan oil is a unique product, obtained from an argan tree and known as "liquid gold of Persia". Thanks to the content of Omega 9, Omega 6, styrene, vitamin E and strong antioxidants, it strengthens the mechanism of natural hair protection and ensures their effective protection against negative environmental factors.

Another important product for the restoration of severely damaged hair – Keratin Oil. Being one of the proteins in the natural composition of the hair itself, keratin, included in the care products, can effectively eliminate damage and restore the healthy structure of the hair, restoring it from the inside. Keratin oil also gives elasticity, extra volume and lively shine to the hair, prevents their fragility and loss, increases the period between the colors and provides a long-term care.

Real magic creates with hair Redist oil with 40 types of natural vegetable oils, providing them with instant food and amazing shine. 40 of various oils that make up this unique product have an enhanced simultaneous effect on damaged hair. Oil prevents the loss and formation of dandruff, provides protection against moisture contained in the environment, helps to maintain the shape of the hair during laying, provides restoration of their vitality after staining, curling and melioration. Thanks to the original formula containing valuable vegetable oils, which are stored only in places requiring special care, the product provides nutrition without the effect of weighting the hair.

In addition to oils, effective means for restoring damaged hair are also serums that are part of the professional hair care line. For example, Intensive OVERDOSE reductive serum with keratin quickly restores exhausted, dull and tired hair. Complex care based on keratin nourishes the hair along the entire length to the very tips (the serum is not applied to the roots) and provides deep hydration. Hair becomes smooth, elastic, filled with a lively natural shine. In addition, the serum reliably protects the hair from the negative effects of hair styling devices and environmental factors. You can continue to use your favorite hair dryer, forceps or rectifier, and the serum will prevent their fragility and reduce the tendency to cross.

Serum OVERDOSE with argan oil is highly effective in the care of all types of hair. If your hair is prone to the damaging effects that the styling instruments have on them, and if they are sensitive to sunlight and other natural factors, then argan oil is your choice. It perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the hair, protects against the negative effects of external factors, reduces the fragility of hair, and restores their smoothness and shine.

Try professional lines of cosmetics for hair care Redist, and you will forget about the problems with the hair and will always please yourself and others with luxurious, shiny curls!