How to restore hair after building up

How to restore hair after building up
The desire for beauty knows no bounds. What does not a woman do to be even more attractive! But sometimes aftermath after the "guidance of beauty" negate all the pleasure of such procedures. Broken and lifeless volosы after removal of the embossed strands – a fairly common problem. Is it possible to strengthen and restore hair after build-up?

Do a haircut with an experienced craftsman. So you get rid of damaged hair, а ваша прическа приобретет красивую аккуратную форму. Постарайтесь choose a haircut, не требующую сложной укладки, ведь на время лечения и восстановления volos it is desirable to refuse from a wave, straightening hair irons, the use of all kinds of varnishes and mousses.

Use nutrients for hair restoration after build-up. Classics of the genre are burdock oil, but others are also suitable: olive, peach, almond. Lightly heat oil on a water bath, apply on hair, сверху оберните целлофаном и укутайте теплым махровым полотенцем. Оставьте масло на hair for several hours, rinse thoroughly with warm water and shampoo. Do this once a week, and very soon your damaged hair once more they will shine and come to life.

Делайте укрепляющие и стимулирующие Hair Growth mask. To reestablish hair после процедуры build-up, it is very important to increase their growth, for this, make up the ingredients that irritate the scalp in the masks. Such masks provide blood flow to the hair follicles, improve their nutrition. Mix a tablespoon of vegetable oil with one yolk, add half a glass of warm kefir and one tablespoon of dry mustard. Apply the mixture on the parting, put on a cellophane cap, wrap it with a towel. Keep this mask on the hair двадцать минут, смойте теплой водой с небольшим количеством шампуня.Тщательно смешайте две столовые ложки меда и одну столовую ложку молотого красного перца, втирайте эту смесь в корни волос перед мытьем головы. Не пугайтесь, если почувствуете ощущение жжения, Red pepper достаточно ощутимо раздражает кожу. Оставьте маску на волосах на пятнадцать минут, вымойте hair as usual.

Strengthen hair salt compresses. Take a glass of table salt, pour warm water to a creamy state and rub the resulting mass into the roots of the hair, distributing the entire surface of the head. Put on a polyethylene cap, wrap your head with a towel. Keep this mixture on your hair for at least an hour, rinse with warm water. Proceed this procedure twice a week and soon you will notice an improvement in the condition of the hair. Salt compress strengthens the roots, accelerates the growth of hair, this is an effective and affordable remedy for hair restoration after build-up.

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