How to restore hair after a chemical

How to restore hair after a chemical
Chemical perm can significantly worsen the condition of the hair. After this procedure hair will require special care, which will help restore their natural beauty, strength and healthy shine.

Hair restoration after a chemical wave

Chemical perm is very popular among lovers of elastic curls. Unfortunately, she spoils her hair very badly. In the process of curling, they are treated with special chemical compounds that destroy their structure. After the procedure, especially if it was done not quite successfully, the hair becomes dull, lifeless.

To restore the structure of hair after waving, you need to properly care for them. To wash a head it is recommended ph-neutral shampoo. It is perfect for frequent use. Such products can be purchased in the salons of professional cosmetics. On some of them there are special notes that this product is suitable for washing hair after a perm.

Профессионалы советуют каждый раз после применения шампуня пользоваться увлажняющим бальзамом. Желательно, чтобы шампунь и бальзам принадлежали к одной косметической серии. Кроме того, 1 раз в неделю желательно наносить на кожу головы специальный скраб. Наносить его следует легкими массирующими движениями, после чего средство необходимо вымыть голову шампунем. Эта процедура является отличной профилактикой против появления перхоти.

Restore the structure of the hair will help moisturizing mask. Apply the mask on your hair 2 times a week. Once their condition improves, you can apply the composition to the hair and scalp and 1 once a week. A ready-made mask can be purchased at a professional cosmetics store. Ideally suitable in this case are cosmetic products intended for moisturizing and restoring the structure of the hair.

Replacing the masks of industrial production can serve as moisturizing compounds obtained in Home conditions. Для их изготовления можно использовать кефир, сок алоэ, мед, репейное и оливковое масло и многие другие продукты.

When caring for damaged and split hair, special attention should be paid to their tips. After a perm, they become brittle, lifeless. On them, it is necessary to apply special products containing silicones. Do this is recommended at least 2-3 once a week.

The basic rules of daily care for damaged hair

Поврежденные химической завивкой волосы желательно сушить естественным способом. Фен можно использовать только по особым случаям. После мытья волос их следует слегка подсушить махровым полотенцем. Расчесывать их нужно только в подсушенном состоянии. Мокрые волосы можно легко повредить.

For combing damaged hair, it is better to choose a wooden comb with sparse teeth. From round brushes with bristles it is better to refuse for a while.

If the tips of the hair are severely damaged, you should not make efforts to restore them, since it is almost impossible to return them a lively shine and elasticity. It is better to prune the damaged tips with hot scissors in the cabin.

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