How to restore fine hair

How to restore fine hair
Owners of thin hair usually complain about the lack of volume of hair, a lifeless and dull appearance of strands. Such hair does not tolerate staining and conventional styling products, stress and mechanical action are associated with increased loss. However, thin and fragile hair can be beautiful – with the condition that they will be carefully looked after, day after day restoring their structure.

You will need
  • – shampoos and conditioners for fine hair;
  • – shampoos for deep cleaning;
  • – сушеные травы;
  • – Burr oil.
Revise your arsenal of care products. Choose shampoos, conditioners, masks and serums marked "to give volume" or "for thin hair." Many means for fragile hair contain silicones, enveloping hairs and create an elastic protective film on them. If you are afraid that your hair will not work with such preparations, look for vials and tubes, on which it is noted that these products do not contain silicones. If in ordinary supermarkets nothing like this is found, contact a specialized store for hairdressers.

Selecting shampoo and balm, giving volume, do not use them constantly. Alternate them with gentle means for daily use. A couple of times a month, treat the strands with deep cleansing agents. After washing with this shampoo, be sure to apply a nourishing mask to your hair.

Instead of industrial care products, try effective popular recipes. Restore the structure of the hair, make the strands stronger and shiny help the burdock oil. Preheat the bottle in a water bath, apply the product along the entire length of the hair, cover the head with a film and wrap it with a thick terry towel. Wait an hour, then wash your head with a mild shampoo and leave to dry naturally, without using a hairdryer.

Very good action has and ополаскивание волос herbal infusions. They will give the strands a shine and add brightness to the color. Dark hair rinse with infusion of cones of hops or nettles, reddish-chestnut – strong tea broth, and light golden – an infusion of chamomile. Handful of herbs brewed with two glasses of boiling water, insist under the lid for about half an hour, strain and rinse strands after each wash.

Наберитесь терпения. Восстановление волос – процесс достаточно длительный. Избегайте механического повреждения локонов, будьте осторожнее при выборе краски. Обладательницам тонких, ломких и porous hair it is better to make an appointment for a consultation with a colorist – he will advise a staining system and recommend specific brands. In the future you will be able to dye your hair yourself. To make a hairstyle more voluminous will help melirovanie or coloring.

Think about your hair. Girls with thin hair should give up long curls. Loose, thin hair looks too thin, and all kinds of hairpins and hairpins can injure them and help fall out. Try hair from medium length hair. Fine hair shows graded haircuts, "steps" of varying length and volume, asymmetrical curls and strands.

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