How to restore breast elasticity after childbirth

How to restore breast elasticity after childbirth
After childbirth The breast of a woman changes, as a rule, not for the better. The skin stretches, the chest saggers and makes an impression seemingly empty. But if you begin to carefully care for this important part of the body, then in a few months you will forget about the problem.

You will need
  • -sea salt;
  • -lime juice or apple cider vinegar;
  • -starch;
  • -honey;
  • -egg white.
About the form Breast следует беспокоиться еще в роддоме. Обязательно носите бюстгальтер. Регулярно делайте массаж Breast: stroking from the nipples to the edges, spiraling rubbing several fingers, again stroking, "drawing" the rays from the nipples and edges, etc. Just keep in mind that you can not put too much pressure on the chest, go around nipples.

Take in the morning a contrast shower. Every morning you can wipe the decollete area, chest and neck with a piece of ice. This helps to increase the elasticity and elasticity of the skin.

Для состояния Breast very useful bath with sea water. In a bath filled with warm water, pour 400 g sea salt. Lie in it 10-12 minutes. But this procedure is not recommended if you have problems with heart. In this case, sea salt can be used with a compress.

Try to do a contrast compress. To do this, take two basins. One fill with cool water, in which add a little lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. In another basin in hot water, dissolve sea salt. Start with hot water. Dampen the towel and attach it from the bottom up to Breast for half a minute. Then repeat the procedure with cold water. Change the towel 10 once, ending with a cold water compress.

Use special creams to give Breast elasticity. These creams, as a rule, contain collagen, elastin, extracts from plants, essential oils, clay, seaweed, vitamins, and the like.

В domestic conditions can be cooked a укрепляющее средство для Breast: разведите в теплом молоке картофельный крахмал до кашицеобразного состояния. Добавьте туда 2 ст. л. меда и один взбитый яичный белок. Все это наложите тонким слоем на грудь на четверть часа и полежите.

Дома можно также выполнять упражнения для укрепления грудных мышц. Вот некоторые из них:Лягте и разведите руки в стороны. Возьмите в руки небольшие гантели или бутылки с водой. Медленно поднимайте руки вверх и плавно их опускайте. Упражнение выполняется трижды по 20 раз.

Отжимайтесь от стула или от пола 10 раз по три подхода.

Hold the rubber ball in front of you and squeeze it at the level Breast on 10-15 times.

Carry out vigorous circular movements forward and backward.

If you have such an opportunity, go to the gym, where an experienced coach can show you many other exercises to strengthen the muscles that support the chest. Very good at swimming, especially on the back.

Если и через полгода после выполнения данных рекомендаций форма Breast you will not be satisfied, you can turn to a cosmetic clinic – there are many techniques with the use of advanced technologies. For example, this is a microcurrent therapy, the meaning of which is the effect on cells of tissues Breast weak electric pulses. This improves the nutrition of skin cells and actively produces collagen. There is also a method known as mesotherapy. In this case, under the skin Breast injected drugs that stimulate elasticity. But this method is not allowed for everyone. Surgery can also improve the shape of the Breast.

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