How to repair the nail plate

How to repair the nail plate
Preserving the beauty and health of nails is an important task that confronts many people. This is especially true of lovely ladies, because sloppy kind of hands negatively affects their attractiveness. Therefore, it is worthwhile to know the ways that help to restore the nails to the lost beauty.

To begin with, gently cut off the exfoliated part of the nail, trying to give it a beautiful shape. Carefully grind the free edge using a fine-grained nail file. To strengthen the layering nail plate, use calcium gel, which includes vitamins B2 and B5.

Exclude from the usual cosmetics a nail polish remover containing acetone. It is better to use a product that contains protein or calcium, they are the best for repairing damaged nail plates.

Increased brittleness of the nail can arise due to excessive dryness, but more often fragility is a consequence of a lack of calcium. In this case, drugs with elevated levels of this trace element will help. They help to strengthen, increase the elasticity and growth of the nail. To restore the same balance of water will require oil or a cream for nails, a special varnish with the addition of a moisturizer.

Для решения проблем with cuticle a massage with protein oil or cream (except for protein in it should be vitamin E, paraffin and essential oils) is suitable. Massage increases the flow of blood to the nail root, makes cuticle growth замедленным, ускоряет рост здорового ногтя. Проводите эту процедуру каждый раз после выполнения маникюра.

Remove any irregularities and grooves on the surface of the nail with polishing nail files and leveling varnish. In addition, pay special attention to the cuticle, because of the misuse of which caused this trouble.

Becoming a happy owner of healthy, beautiful and well-groomed nails is not as difficult as it seems. The main thing is to systematically and correctly take care of them using suitable cosmetic means. Try not to overdo it in too frequent build-up of nails, take care of the beauty of natural marigolds.

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