How to repaint in white with a redhead

How to repaint in white with a redhead
Many men admire women with fiery red hair, but for the fair sex themselves, red color sometimes becomes a burden, and there is an acute desire to join the ranks of blondes. How to do this with hair dye?

In search of their image, many women paint hair then in one color, then in another. And since they do not like something all the time, often there are situations when only the hair was покрашены in red color, and already it would be desirable to become blonde. How to repaint yourself in white с redhead?

First of all, buy a special chemical – washing, which you need to remove from the hair рыжей paints. It does not concern you if your hair has a natural ginger color or has been painted with henna. Note that the red pigment is considered the most resistant, so do not wait for an instant result. Better arm yourself with patience and step by step go to your goal.

Carry out the procedure for washing the hair dye, following the instructions carefully. Apply the finished mixture over the entire length to dry hair. Soak it on them for 2-3 hours. Rinse hair with water with chamomile tincture or with lemon juice. After such a procedure, they usually lighten by about one tone.

If you need to lighten your hair for a few tones, then better perform the procedure pickling in the hairdresser's. Perhaps you need to do this more than once. A hairdresser can help you choose natural, decolorizing or acid pickling.

Next, choose for yourself the hair dye of the desired shade. If you want your hair not to turn into straw, then choose such paints that contain natural ingredients and most gently impact the hair. Color the hair with the right color in the hairdresser or in the domestic conditions.

If your hair has a red color after staining with henna, then the new paint over henna may not be taken at all. Knowledgeable people recommend firstly to lighten hair with natural ingredients. To do this, use a mask of lemon juice or olive oil. When the hair is much lightened, you can try to paint them with the paint of the right tone.

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