How to repaint hair

How to repaint hair
Well-groomed and beautiful hair is a woman's dignity. Change of hairdresses, repainting of hair in different shades gives the woman the opportunity to look coquettish, feminine, then strict. But it's hard to repaint hair. In case of non-observance of some rules, the result can be a hair with the most unexpected shade.

In addition to the unexpected color of the hair, non-observance of the rules can lead to a violation of the structure of the hair itself. Because of this, the hair can become brittle, split. And may even begin to fall out. To avoid this, hair coloring must begin with the study of the rules.

How to repaint black hair

how to repaint black hair

Recolouring black hair in a different shade is the most difficult process of staining even for professionals. Oddly enough, even red shades are easier to color than black. Therefore, immediately it is necessary to prepare yourself for the fact that the process will be difficult and long.

The first way to repaint black hair is to apply to an experienced colorist. Over the course of 1-3 months, he will lighten the hair each time for a few tones until the color becomes suitable for repainting in the desired shade.

You can do coloring or bleaching of hair with the subsequent staining of these strands. Then the transition from black hair color will be soft and gradual.

В Home conditions you can gradually color the roots of hair as it grows. But this process will be very long. But sparing hair.

Coloring of light hair

dyeing of blond hair

Blond hair is easy to repaint. After all, they no longer need to be clarified. But do not forget about the useful nuances. Hair can be dyed as one tone, and make melioration or coloring, which allows to structure the hair.

Coloring of red hair

dyeing red hair

Red hues at any repainting, except black, leave a pigment on the hair. And if you do not first lighten your hair or do a wash, the final shade will be with the presence of a rusty color.

Washing is a gentle option for the coloring of dyed hair. Keep it you need strictly prescribed by the instruction time, and apply evenly. Therefore, it is better to wash with an assistant. Otherwise, you can stay spotty. Do not be scared if after washing the hair becomes an acid-red or yellow shade. The process must be repeated until the shade becomes smooth and calm. Only having achieved this result, you can do directly by dyeing your hair.

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