How to repaint hair in white

How to repaint hair in white
A huge number of women tend to become blondes. And sometimes, painting hair, they spoil them, overdrying or killing with peroxide. Therefore, when trying to fulfill your dream, do not forget about caution.

If you natural brunette, then for you hair coloring в white the color will be stretched to several procedures – you can not radically change the color at once. Hair dye contains in its composition hydrogen peroxide or ammonia. And it is recommended to use it not more than once in a month and a half. Therefore, clarify hair you will have to gradually. And if you hurry, you can spoil them. Each time, buy a paint for several tones lighter than the previous one.

Select the paint. Now in stores a large selection of hair coloring products, so to find the one that suits you, consult a professional hairdresser.

Strictly follow the instructions on the packaging. It is best to use glass or porcelain to dilute the paint. Be sure to use gloves if you do not want to spoil the skin on hands. Wrap a special cape or cloth on your shoulders, which is not a pity to get dirty in paint.

Share your hair на 4 части. Для этого проведите центральный пробор, делящий hair на две приблизительно равные части. А после этого сделайте проборы от затылка до верхушки левого уха и также до правого. Каждую из них закрепите зажимом.

Stain hair with a special brush. The first smear is applied from the forehead to the back of the head, along the padded parting. Then remove the front clamp and stain hair, located on one side of the central part, separating strands not more than one centimeter in thickness. Just lift the strand up and paint it well on both sides. A similar procedure with the hair on the other side of the sip.

Remove the clip from one half of the hair behind. Spend an oblique parting. Take a strand, carefully paint and tilt forward so that it does not stop you from painting the rest hair.

После того как вы закончили красить, расческой с редкими зубцами приподнимите пряди у корней и оставьте так на 15 минут. После этого расчешите hair, so that the paint is distributed evenly.

After staining the hair, rinse them with warm water with the addition of lemon juice.

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