How to repaint from dark chestnut in light brown

How to repaint from dark chestnut in light brown
Bright curls are always in vogue. Many brunettes, brown-haired women want to feel themselves as blond romantic blondes. Other ladies, having painted their own blond hair in dark chestnut, decide to return their natural color. But how to properly do this, so that the effect is pleasant and the hair was harmed minimally?

Determine the color of your hair at the moment with the help of a farbike map (shade map). Farb-cards are available in beauty salons and in cosmetic departments of shops selling paints. Get the result by attaching a strand of your hair to the samples on the map. They must coincide. Now select the recommended clarifier tone for your hair type.

Dark chestnut hair will not turn quickly into light without clarification. Do not wash hair before the procedure, so that the natural fat protects them from damage. With thick, thick curls, the lighting emulsion will need more than thin ones.

Lubricate the skin of the face on the border with growing hair with olive oil or nutritious cream. Make a clarifying compound, as recommended on the packaging of the product by the manufacturer. Do not use metal tools. Put plastic gloves on your hands.

Apply the product to the hair, starting from the back of the neck to the lower hair. The temporal part of the hair and the forehead should be painted at the very end of the application. And apply the clarifier first to the hair itself, excluding the roots, hold 10 minutes and then paint the roots.

Keep the clarifier on your head for 30 minutes, including those 10, which were initially color-cured. Do not fold the hair in half when applying a clarifier, do not twist, leave straight, do not cover with polyethylene or a towel. Rinse thoroughly with clarifier after half an hour.

Now it's time to color the hair in the tone that you want to achieve. Окрашивайте волосы в русый color the next day after their clarification. But if very much in a hurry, then you can dye your hair the same day, applying a balm-conditioner for hair dye. Follow the instructions for dyeing hair in light brown color, as recommended by the paint manufacturer on the packaging.

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