How to repaint from black to chocolate

How to repaint from black to chocolate
Having painted black, sometimes you realize that it does not suit you. It also happens that the goal was to color, for example, in a dark chestnut, and because of the wrong color, it turned black. Another option is the desire of a natural brunette to see herself in a new image with a lighter shade of hair.

You will need
  • – натуральная или профессиональная смывка для волос;
  • – качественная краска;
  • – хороший парикмахер.
If you recently dyed black and you did not like it, try to lighten it with the help of folk remedies. Use a mask of honey, preferably acacia. Apply honey to your hair and leave it for a few hours, do not put on the hat. Then rinse. The result here is not guaranteed and depends on various factors – the structure of the hair, their health, the quality of the used paint, the prescription of staining. In any case, such a mask is very nutritious and will be useful.

Similar effect of clarification, try to achieve, using a mask of kefir. This time, put on a polyethylene hat and warm your head with a towel. Hold the mask for an hour or two. They may need several. The result, again, is not guaranteed.

Another way of natural lightening is the use of masks from vegetable oils. Distribute burdock, castor or any other oil along the entire length of the hair and put on the cap. Soak a few hours and rinse.
It is possible that intense black color will become lighter after you wash the hair several times. If you do not want to use chemicals and experience by hair, try to just wait until the dark color comes off.

Если вышеописанные способы не помогают, купите профессиональную смывку для волос в магазине парикмахерских принадлежностей. Вы можете использовать ее дома, но лучше доверьте эту процедуру хорошему парикмахеру.

Правильно выбирайте смывку. Обесцвечивающая вам, скорее всего, не подойдет, т.к. она осветляет на несколько тонов, а вам в итоге нужен шоколадный цвет. Она более интенсивная и вредная. Кроме этого, существует кислотная смывка, clarifying approximately two tones. In order not to suffer with a choice, ask to do it with a hairdresser.

Если вы хотите, к тому же, поменять оттенок волос, чтобы получить шоколадный цвет, after washing paint them with high-quality paint. It is better to choose a lighter color for the tone, as there is a possibility to overdo it and get a black color again, which you just managed to get rid of. But too light shade, too, do not choose, if you do not want to make your hair cast red.

После использования смывки волосам необходим более тщательный уход. Применяйте питательные и увлажняющие маски. Однако если after clarification you dyed your hair, pick up care products that do not wash the dyeing pigment too quickly.

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