How to remove yellow shade from hair

How to remove yellow shade from hair
A cardinal color change is not always successful, especially if you have chosen a light blond shade. Often, it is after such experiments that yellowness appears on the hair. It is not so easy to remove and eliminate it, but it is possible.

Shampoo for shampoo helps to get rid of unwanted shade. To date, on the shelves of stores is a fairly large variety of these funds, many of which have the status of professional. The advantage of this product over conventional cream paints is that it contains far fewer ingredients that destroy the structure of the hair and, as a rule, do not contain ammonia at all. The only downside is the relatively short color fastness.

In use, the shade of the shampoo is quite simple. On wet hair, apply a small amount of the product, evenly distributing it along the entire length. After a certain time, indicated in the instructions, rinse off the shade of the shampoo and apply a moisturizing balm to your hair. Thus, your locks will find a new rich color, without damaging your structure.

When buying shade toner shampoo, refrain from ashy tones, since their effects can give your hair a greenish shade.

If you have enough free time and you are ready to pay a considerable amount of money – contact a professional master. It is he with the help of professional tools will be able to effectively eliminate the yellow tint from your hair. For example, one of such procedures is hair illumination. This is a modern coloration with the help of special tools. An experienced specialist will initially apply a special remedy to your locks, which will allow them to be cleaned of various kinds of contaminants. After that, the hair is applied with an inorganic strengthening lotion. The final stage of the procedure is dyeing the hair in the required shade. After that, your curls will be filled with lively shine and health.

Folk remedies are also widely used in the fight against the yellow tint of hair. The advantage of this method is saving money, and you can carry out any procedure at home. For example, a mask based on lime honey gradually removes the yellow pigment from the hair structure. To do this, mix 2 tablespoons of honey with the egg yolk and 1 tablespoon of kefir. Mix all ingredients thoroughly and apply to dry hair, evenly spreading them over the entire length. This mask for the night, leave it on your hair, wrapped in a plastic cap. In the morning, rinse your hair well. Already through 2-3 procedures your hair will be more healthy and shiny, and from the former shade there will be no trace.

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