How to remove yellow coating on teeth

How to remove yellow coating on teeth
Beautiful teeth are the key to the success of an attractive smile that can melt any ice in a relationship. But often even the most even teeth darkens the yellow raid. This unpleasant affliction spoils not only a smile, but also a mood. A few fairly simple methods will help you get rid of it.

Use professional whitening toothpastes. Myths about the unreliability of such pastes have long been dispelled, they really help to lighten the yellow raid и придать зубам естественную белизну. Главное правило – приобретайте профессиональные пасты в аптеках или стоматологических кабинетах. Ими не стоит пользоваться постоянно, достаточно одного месяца в полгода; в остальное же время применяйте свою обычную зубную пасту.

Увеличьте жесткость щетки. Чем harder toothbrush, the more intense it struggles with dental raidth. Note that it also can not be used constantly – there is a danger of damaging tooth enamel.

Take advantage of the baking soda. Once a week, before applying paste, brush your teeth soda. Dip the water-moistened brush into powder and rub it gently with an incessant pressure for 3 minutes. Then treat the teeth with a regular paste.

Activated carbon also helps eliminate yellow raida. Pound the tablet and rub the powder into the teeth with a brush. Rinse your mouth with water and brush your teeth with regular paste.

More often eat apples and carrots. Hard vegetables not only develop the jaw, but also help the teeth stay naturally white. Take for a rule there is at least one apple a day – so you get rid of the formation of yellow raida and dental stone.

With frequent use of coffee and cigarettes, it is worth thinking about professional cleaning of the oral cavity. Note that this is not whitening, namely cleaning. The dentist will save your teeth from extraneous contamination (raidbut, stone and other) and they will again acquire their natural shade. This cleaning should be done once a year. Bleaching also worsens the enamel state over time due to chemical effects, and also imparts unnatural whiteness to the teeth, so it is worth refraining from.

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