How to remove yellow circles under the eyes

How to remove yellow circles under the eyes
Bruising and puffiness under the eyes suffers almost anyone who leads an intense lifestyle. When there is no time for a good rest, and the constant stress and gas pollution of the city become habitual conditions of life, various defects appear on the face. Not quite common among them are yellow circles, which are sometimes more difficult to fight with than with dark ones.


In order to choose the best method for combating yellow circles under the eyes, it is necessary to identify the real cause of their appearance. It is possible that they are not an independent problem, but a symptom of a serious disease.

Yellow circles can appear with an increase in the body of bilirubin. This substance, which causes "jaundice" and is actively developed in the pathologies of the gallbladder and liver. In this case, it is necessary to urgently visit the doctors (gastroenterologist, immunologist, dermatologist), who are obliged to appoint a comprehensive examination. If there are signs of hepatitis, yellow circles, like a cosmetological defect accompanying the disease, will pass by themselves after a course of treatment appointed by a specialist.

A less disturbing reason may be an overabundance in the body of carotene. In this case, it is enough to abandon the products containing it, that is, from tangerines, carrots and other orange fruits and vegetables. It is important to know that, unlike manifestations of diseases, with increased content of carotene in the body will show increased pigmentation of the skin only. Mucous membranes and proteins of the eyes retain their light, white color.

Another factor contributing to the appearance of yellowing around the eyes, is the intolerance of UV radiation. In the beach season, it is easy enough to protect yourself with sunglasses and special creams and serums with a high content of SPF filters.

General recommendations

The common cause, which caused the yellowness of the eyelids, can be considered an incorrect way of life. Smoking, stress, lack of sleep, a decrease in the overall resistance of the body to the harmful effects of the environment – all this contributes to the appearance on the face of various shortcomings. But to fix them is not difficult. It is necessary to abandon bad habits, walk more often outdoors to provide oxygen exchange in tissues, avoid alcohol and, if possible, get enough sleep, lying down until midnight.

Also, there are a number of cosmetic products that help to lighten the skin around the eyes and rejuvenate it. Different whey with whitening effect can be found in the pharmacy. But the miraculous ice of green tea can be done by yourself and rubbed their face for the night, not forgetting about the area around the eyes.

Also, after removing cosmetics, it is recommended to wash the eyes with a decoction of chamomile or sage. Do not neglect the masks from natural ingredients. Mask of fresh cottage cheese with parsley juice, grated raw potatoes or a mixture of fresh cucumber with fatty sour cream – each option will revitalize the eyelids. You just need to apply the mask for 15 minutes every day for a week. So the area around the eyes will get the necessary substances, the skin will be smoothed out, and the face will shine with beauty and freshness.

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