How to remove wrinkles from the decolletage

How to remove wrinkles from the decolletage
Wrinkles in the neck and neck usually appear after thirty years, thus giving out the age of the woman. Stop wrinkling under tight clothes, allow yourself to wear beautiful outfits with a cut on your chest. Find out the cause of the appearance of wrinkles in the decollete zone, start an active fight against this ailment.

The main causes of wrinkles in the decolletage zone

Approach the mirror and slob, in the decollete zone, folds appear. Incorrect posture, habit of slouching and hunching cause wrinkles in the chest area. Just straightening your back, and straightening your shoulders, you can avoid premature appearance of folds in this tender area. The next reason for wrinkles in the decolletage area is a rapid weight loss. Because of this, the skin loses its elasticity and elasticity, resulting in wrinkles.

No less dangerous factor that affects the beauty and health of the skin in the chest zone is the women's passion for sunbeds and sunny beaches. In pursuit of a bronze shade of the skin, they are not aware of the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays on the epidermis. Under the influence of the sun, the skin becomes thinner and drained, becomes covered with a network of wrinkles, becomes flabby. In addition, it is the decollete zone that is most susceptible to sunburn.

An incorrect posture during sleep can cause folds in the decollete area. Some people prefer to sleep in the fetal position, others put high pillows under their heads. It is these factors that lead to imperfections of the skin in the chest zone. This category can also be attributed to the fair sex, who read books while lying in bed.

Fighting wrinkles

Favorable effect on the skin is provided by contrast baths. They help to fight with premature folds in the chest area. Take a towel and damp it in hot water, lightly squeeze and attach to the decollete area, hold for ten minutes. Then do the same, just soak a towel in cold water. After the procedure, wipe the skin of the breast with a cube of cosmetic ice. Such a contrast of temperatures promotes the training and strengthening of blood vessels. In the end, apply moisturizing cream to the skin with massaging movements.

Prepare a curd mask for the decollete zone, which will help spread the existing wrinkles. Mix in equal proportions natural home-made cottage cheese, sour cream and unrefined vegetable oil. Mix the ingredients well and apply on the problem area for twenty minutes. After the time has elapsed, remove the curd mixture with a decoction of chamomile. Prepare the broth is not difficult, for this, a tablespoon of chamomile fill with boiling water and put on a water bath, boil for ten minutes, cool and strain. It is recommended to make masks for the decollete zone at least twice a week, then the result will not take long.

Make in domestic conditions wrapping. Take one egg yolk and whisk it with a teaspoon of natural honey. Add a teaspoonful of olive oil and mix. The resulting mass is applied to a cotton napkin or gauze, folded into several layers. Apply a compress to the decollete area, from above wrap all the food film. After twenty minutes, rinse the compress with warm water.

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