How to remove unwanted hair quickly and effectively

How to remove unwanted hair quickly and effectively
Женщины во все века были озабочены вопросом, как стать красивее и желаннее. Критерии красоты постоянно меняются, но кое-что остается неизменным. Всегда в почете белые зубы, блестящие волосы и ухоженные ногти, здоровый цвет лица и, конечно, гладкая кожа. Борьба с лишними волосками на теле ведется так давно, что трудно вспомнить, когда это началось. Способов и советов в этой области накопилось множество: быстрые и требующие времени, болезненные и не очень. Давайте разберемся, как сделать, чтобы волосы не росли на ногах и других частях тела.

Избавление от волос с помощью бритвы

Removing hair with a shaving machine is a way that every woman at least once in her life resorted to. And no wonder, because it is accessible, fast and relatively non-painful. But although it is popular, it is still far from ideal. This shave has a lot of disadvantages: the razor often injures the skin, the hairs grow faster, become coarser, and the result is enough only for 1-2 days.

Before and after shaving the machine needs to moisturize the skin, and before – and even steam, so that the process does not become painful. After the procedure, it is recommended to apply moisturizing cream.

Hair removal creams for depilation

Removal of unwanted hair with a depilatory cream is a modern method for those who are afraid of pain, and the shaving machine is no longer suitable. The choice of such funds is now extensive, the price spread is the same. If you have 15-20 minutes in reserve for such a procedure, then you can safely choose it.

The disadvantages of the procedure can be attributed to the fact that the cream is not always effective at 100%, especially if the hair is too thick and rough. In addition, there may be an allergic reaction or itching, so the cream must first be applied to a small area of ??the skin to see how it reacts. But if you still chose this method and use it constantly, then the hairs after depilation with cream usually grow slower, with each time becoming all softer.

Wax and sugar in the fight against unwanted hair

Женщины еще в древнем Египте использовали воск и сахар для удаления нежелательных волос. С тех пор метод несколько усовершенствовался, но принцип остался прежним. Это могут быть холодный или горячий воск, а также сахарная паста, которые наносятся на обрабатываемый участок, а затем полоску воска или сахара резко снимают с волосками. Такая эпиляция подходит далеко не всем в силу ее болезненности, но после нескольких процедур волоски станут тоньше, а боль уменьшится. К тому же делать такую процедуру надо не часто – достаточно 2-3 раза в месяц.

Hair removal epilator

If there is no time for the salon, and the result is needed for a long time, then you can use an electric epilator. The principle of his work is that he has a lot of small "tweezers", which, grabbing the hair, pull it out with the root. Apparatus now a lot, they differ in design, additional functions, but the essence remains the same. Just like wax, the epilator removes hair for 1-2 weeks, but the procedure itself can be very painful and long-lasting. Preliminary it is necessary to prepare a skin: to use a scrub and to humidify that then the ingrown hair has not appeared. Irritation can be strong enough, so use this method better in the evening before going to sleep, so that irritation and redness could pass through the morning.

Photoepilation and laser hair removal

To forget about hairs for 4-6 months or even forever, you need to use the most modern methods: laser, photo or electro-epilation. The minuses of these methods can be high cost and pain, but the result will not be long in coming. To carry out such procedure the expert with the corresponding certificate should.

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