How to remove traces of acne

How to remove traces of acne
Smooth, clean and healthy skin decorates every person. Many women suffer from the fact that their skin is covered with traces of pimples that interfere with achieving the ideal complexion (though sometimes representatives of the stronger sex are also concerned about this problem). And the most offensive that acne scars can remain on the face for years, forming complexes and self-doubt. Therefore, the question of what needs to be done to get rid of traces of acne never loses its relevance.

You will need
  • – Essential oils of tea tree and rosemary;
  • – green clay;
  • – Apple vinegar;
  • – cucumbers;
  • – Bodjaga, peroxide of hydrogen.
Deep scars and scars remove с кожи в domestic conditions практически невозможно, но с легкими неровностями, пятнами и прочими мелкими неприятностями при должном усилии можно справиться. Прекрасно помогают в этой борьбе за ровную кожу эфирные масла чайного дерева и розмарина, поэтому если вы не страдаете от аллергических реакций, два раза в день точечно наносите по капле масла на поврежденные поверхности.

Be sure to try to make a mask of green clay with essential oil of rosemary, which is considered an excellent means of fighting traces from acne. Для этого 3-4 капли масла смешайте с половиной чайной ложки порошка глины и небольшим количеством воды, хорошо размешайте и нанесите на очищенную кожу на 10-15 минут.

If traces of acne still fresh, be sure to use special pharmacological preparations (ointments and creams) that fight with scars and scars. Such ointments should be applied for a long time to the affected areas, and as a result, the irregularities will gradually be smoothed out. Thus, even highly visible scars and scars can be eliminated.

It is very useful to wipe the face with acetic water, for which, on 3 tablespoons of water, take 1 a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (apple, not flavored with essence).

Use a variety of clarifying masks, for example, cucumber. For its preparation, cleanly washed cucumbers, grate on a grater, and apply a gruel to face for 20 minutes.

Народная медицина советует для борьбы со следами от pimples use a fresh water, which can be found in pharmacies. Dilute the powder with hydrogen peroxide (3%) or water to a thick cream, apply on the face and leave a little to dry. This is an excellent exfoliating and bleaching agent, but only if your skin does not have too much sensitivity.

If there are a lot of scars and spots on the face, especially those who have become stuck, home treatment will not give the expected effect. In this case, think about signing up for a consultation with a cosmetologist. Modern cosmetology has a lot of means for eliminating traces of acne, which means it will help to make the skin clean and smooth.

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