How to remove the spike

How to remove the spike
Extremely unpleasant, when there is a heather. This is not simply unaesthetic, the spike causes pain and inconvenience. Medicine suggests getting rid of spinules with the help of laser, radio waves, electrocoagulation or cryotherapy, but, unfortunately, here again it is not all-powerful.

Right into the center of the steamed spinach you need to drip tincture iodine, carefully, that do not burn the skin around. Повторять до тех пор, пока шипица не исчезнет.

Натереть bulb on a very shallow grater, pour the dining room vinegar. Padded steamed spike and paste with adhesive tape. Leave it overnight.

Взять муку и 70% vinegar, do of them a small lump of dough. Put the dough in the center of the spike and coat it overnight. Several procedures are required.

Also recommend to apply to the wart at night a grated horseradish, then put on the leg cellophane bag, and on top of a woolen sock.

Rub the raw potatoes on a small grater, attach to the heather, pribintuyte. Better Total do at night.

You can try escape from the spikey with the help of cement. He is rubbed into a steamed spike two or three times per procedure. Usually, three to five procedures are required.

Crush the grass of the young nettle, attach it to the heather, then attach the mug, put on a woolen sock. Leave for a few hours.

Unzip spike в горячей воде, затем смажьте соком чеснока. Повторять до полного исчезновения шипицы.

In general, traditional medicine recommends getting rid of all the spines at once. According to the belief, if you manage to get rid of the main (first) log, the others will disappear by themselves.

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