How to remove the sides from the waist

How to remove the sides from the waist
Does fat on the sides interfere? There are several proven ways to remove the notorious "ears"!

You will need
  • – Systematic approach
  • – Gym
  • – Sports hoop
Fat on the sides, or so-called ears, is a common female problem. There are several in the right way escape from her. The first way is self-massage. Repeat a few simple movements for fifteen minutes a day: pinch, knead problem areas, then place one palm on the other, touch them to the navel, lightly press and do circular movements clockwise. Desirable делать it after soul.

You can also go to a professional masseur, in which case it will also be a relaxation. And it, as is known, contributes to calming the soul, "settling" the desire to overeat and favorably affects the nervous system. Second home way – twisting the hoop. Hula Hoop it is desirable select не слишком тяжелый, но и не пластмассовый, от такого не будет эффекта. Все просто: держите обруч на уровне waist, twist his hands and then help already waist. It is necessary to turn both in one direction and in the other direction. Start with ten minutes a day, then go on for more time.

The third way in more sophisticated pursuits sports. You can try twisting or tilting to the right and left. Rock the press in a "grandfather's" way, lay down on the rug, fasten your legs and try to rise and reach your knees without the help of your hands. In general, any aerobic exercises that will help to sweat properly will do.

Стоит разобраться с рационом. Во-первых, исключить пиво. В-вторых, пить больше простой воды. А дальше – стандартно уменьшить объем потребления sweet and flour. If all this does not help, there is a proven, but expensive way: mesotherapy. It has a lifting effect, and, of course, reduces fat deposits. The skin after it is smooth and firm. A liposaction, которая является серьезной хирургической процедурой, которая поможет, если ваши «ушки» steel too impressive.

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