How to remove the shine of the skin

How to remove the shine of the skin
Многие женщины сталкиваются с таким негативным явлением, как неприятный shine skin, который возникает чаще у представительниц, имеющих комбинированный и жирный тип skin. This is due to the increased work of the sebaceous glands. The reasons for excessive sebum secretion are many, it can be heredity, internal disruptions in the body, improper nutrition, stress.

Remove shine skin help cleansing masks based on clay, which can be purchased in ready-made form, and also make yourself. To do this, buy in the pharmacy clay, it is sold in powder form. There are several types of clays: yellow clay suitable for dry or wilted skinFor sensitive use blue, with a problem skin take black, and white, green and pink clay are universal and will suit everyone. Dilute clay with water or decoction of herbs, room temperature 1: 1 until the formation of a thick slurry. Then put the mass on the face, and hold about 15 minutes, during this time the clay will dry and pull out skin excess fat. You need to do these masks twice a week.

Cosmetic brand offer complete care lines skin, eliminating fatty shine. Such lines include foam for washing, lotions, cream. It is worth considering that they will act only in the complex. But do not get carried away by such means, it is better to use their courses.

Decorative cosmetics also able to eliminate the unpleasant shine, но это будет видимый эффект, а не лечебный. Здесь лучше отдавайте предпочтения матирующим пудрам, они и зафиксируют makeup, and hide the shortcomings skin. Если вы не используете декоративную косметику, обратите внимание на матирующие базы, они как правило бесцветны и дают мгновенный эффект матовой skin.

Another tool that can remove shine skin, are matting napkins, их очень удобно брать с собой. Просто приложите такую салфетку к проблемным участкам лица, и она впитает в себя shine, макияж при этом не пострадает.Если подойти к вопросу устранения неприятного shineа skin and pay special attention to the care of the person and the quality of the cosmetics, then success is guaranteed!

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