How to remove the second chin

How to remove the second chin
The second chin can appear both in full, and in slender people. This scourge affects people of all ages and genders, but the fight against it is still not completely clear. Remove the second chin in several ways, each of which requires effort and time.

Займитесь уходом за кожей. Второй подбородок представляет собой обвисшую кожу, потерявшую упругость и эластичность. Кроме того, под ней часто скапливается жировая прослойка. Для того чтобы убрать эту ненужную часть, позаботьтесь о восстановлении кожи и ее способности к регенерации. Ежедневно увлажняйте подбородок кремами, дважды в неделю делайте подтягивающие маски.

Apply the cream with massage movements. At the center of the neck, move upwards from the line of the clavicles with slight pressure. The sides must be directed downwards. Complete the application by patting the bottom up with the back of the palm.

Do gymnastics. A specially designed complex of exercises will allow to restore muscle tone and elasticity to the skin. A few months of daily work on yourself will give good results, if you will not be lazy to spend ten minutes a day on gymnastics. Concentrate your attention on your neck, imagine that a heavy load was hung on your chin. He pulls you down, and you have to resist him. Raise your chin up, throwing your head back. Muscles of the neck are in tension. Repeat the climb five to seven times.

Pull the lower lip down so that the teeth of the lower jaw are visible. Hold in the position of maximum tension for thirty seconds, then relax. Repeat three times.

Tilt your head back. Pull the lower jaw forward and pull it upward, trying to touch the lower lip of your nose. Do this for one minute.

Tilt your head to the right, shifting the jaw in the same direction. Hold in suspense for thirty seconds. Repeat the same steps, but to the left.

Tighten the upper and lower lips. Hold this position and alternately pronounce the sounds "y" and "u".

Lie on your back, leave your head on the weight. Raise your head, reaching the maximum tension, and stay in this position for twenty seconds.

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