How to remove the second chin: effective ways

How to remove the second chin: effective ways
The main task of any woman is to preserve youth and beauty as long as possible. And if first all the forces go to fight excess weight, then, having crossed the 30-year-old milestone, women dramatically change their priorities – the skin is pulled up to the forefront, without signs of wilting. With age, any skin loses its elasticity, and because of possible health problems, a second chin appears.

The most effective way to get rid of the first wrinkles, flabbiness and sagging chin is plastic surgery. Methods: liposuction, lift, surgery (removal of fat deposits through the incision). The operation is not carried out if the woman is pregnant or nursing the baby, as well, the plastic is postponed at monthly intervals. Contraindicated surgical intervention in such diseases as: epilepsy, cancers, diabetes, tuberculosis, HIV infection, heart failure.

Recently, the quality of services does not always correspond to the truth, and if the surgeon is not experienced enough, the operation can lead to a deplorable result. Appealing to a surgeon always has its risks, and it is rare to avoid complications – before taking a serious step, weigh all the pros and cons. Go to extreme measures need not earlier than you turn 40-45 years, when signs of withering no longer hide any cosmetic means.

To make the skin tightened, it is possible more sparing ways, for example, injections on the basis of plant extracts and synthetic components (from 4 to 7 procedures). For 1-2 weeks, you will nourish the cells with vitamins, flabby areas will be tightened, and fat will resolve. The result is seen closer to 14 days, but there are drawbacks – injections are painful, provoke swelling, or leave bruises on the skin.

If you are not ready for such victims, try the procedure of a filament lifting – internal, non-absorbable threads support the skin in a tone of up to five years. Professional masters in beauty salons offer such services as vacuum, exposure to microcurrents, radio waves or ultrasound.

Where does the second chin come from?

Layers of skin and fatty folds accumulate under the lower jaw, sagging ugly, soft to the touch, a bag that can talk about serious violations in the body – alas, the defect does not always appear with age.

The formation of a bag is affected by many factors:

  • The structure of the jaw, neck. The hyoid bone, located too low, or too short a neck, provokes earlier sagging of a skin;
  • Curve of posture, osteochondrosis. Excessive pressure on the muscles, as a result of which the collagen fibers retaining the inner fiber weaken;
  • Hereditary factor. Slowed down metabolic processes, inhibited the production of collagen, because of which, the second chin can appear even in young girls;
  • Age. Natural deficiency of nutrients, delayed cell regeneration. There is a "turkey neck" when the skin sags so hard that it dangles like a whip;
  • Excess weight. In combination with extra pounds, the "turkey neck" is more common. Remove fat deposits is very difficult. Dangling folds can be due to a tight diet, when the weight drops sharply, and the skin does not have time to contract;
  • Diseases of the thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism, goiter due to increased production of hormones). A frequent phenomenon in diabetics;
  • The failure of hormones during pregnancy, the restructuring of the body (climax).

The second chin is found not only in women, but also in obese men.

Facial gymnastics

The safest way to pull up the sticks. To get results, you will have to try, but you will avoid undesirable side effects and save money. Training of facial muscles is simple in execution and does not take much time. Take into account some details: to make gymnastics useful, visit an endocrinologist and nutritionist – exclude all possible reasons, because of which a second chin could arise. If you are obese, you will not be able to remove excess skin until the weight drops to the optimum figure. Do facial training every day for 5 minutes, preferably in the morning.

First. Smile. The more you smile, the better. The smile should be wide, then you will immediately feel the tension under the chin. "Play" with your mouth: stretch your lips with a bow, stretch or open your mouth wide, working hard with your muscles. Mow the corners of the lips to the right and left, as men do when they shave. Push out your lips forward, while feeling the tension under the chin, try to lower the corners of the lips downwards or make the letter "o". Try to get the tongue to the tip of the nose, chin, roll the tongue into the tube. All exercises must be done vigorously and in turn. Stretch the joints of the neck – tilting your head in one direction or the other. All actions must be done in front of the mirror. Grimaces can be compared to physical exercises for the body – to see the effect, you need to practice every day.

Massage pats on the cheeks or light tapping, pinching your fingers – improve blood circulation. Movement should be done, starting from the center of the chin, gradually reaching the temporal region. Before you start the massage, apply a light cream on your face.

Gymnastics for the chin: put your chin on the fist, push it hard, then relax, after 5 seconds repeat the action. Perform 7-8 visits. Pull the chin forward – at the same time, your head will fall back slightly – there will be a feeling of heaviness. Relax, repeat the procedure 10-15 times.

Another option resembles a model workout. Put a weighty book volume on your head, and try to walk around the room back and forth. Thus, you correct your posture.

Recipes for home masks

Combine exercises with nutritious, pulling masks, which are easy to prepare at home.

"Lemonchik". In a glass of water (250 ml) add 1 st.l. lemon juice, and 1 tsp. salt. Thoroughly stir the solution, soak the cotton swab or disc, attach to the flabby sites for 20 minutes.

"Healing Clay". Clay can be bought at any pharmacy. 2-3 Tbsp. mix with warm water until a viscous gruel without lumps. Evenly distribute the mixture around the neck, wash it off in 20-25 minutes. Clay during this time will wither, there will be a tightening effect.

Dampened in a cucumber or cabbage brine gauze cloth attached to the chin zone for 10-20 minutes, tones up and nourishes the skin with vitamins.

"Potato recovery". We cook the mashed potatoes, as usual, cook for lunch or dinner. Add a piece of butter, salt, pour a little milk. To 3 st.l. puree mix a tablespoon of buckwheat honey (honey should be liquid). We distribute the mass on gauze cloth, apply to the chin for 30 minutes.

"Mask on yeast". Warm up 100 ml of milk (until warm), mix with 1 tsp. granulated yeast. Wait, when the process of fermentation begins – on the surface will appear odorous vesicles. The mixture is applied to flabby areas (we distribute it to a rag with a thick layer, we attach it), but wash it off when the mass becomes solid. You can apply the finished yeast dough for 30 minutes (until it hardens).

Do not forget to make masks 2-3 times a week, otherwise there will be no effect.

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