How to remove the second chin at home for the week

How to remove the second chin at home for the week
People who are very unhappy with the contour of their faces, can quite easily remove the second chin at home for a week. To do this will help a special set of exercises, as well as some changes in the habitual way of life.

Remove the second chin in the home conditions for a week is impossible without switching to a more gentle diet, because you need to "pull up" not only the face and neck, but the whole body. The image of food during the week should be similar to the so-called "drying", which is often practiced by athletes to maximize the fat layer and achieve a good muscle relief.

Immediately exclude from the diet all fatty, sweet and high-calorie meals. Quickly come to the right shape will help products such as white chicken, turkey, salmon, beans, fat-free cottage cheese and other dairy products. Drink at least two liters of water per day (approximately one glass or mug per hour). This will help the skin to be renewed faster, to remove excess fats from the body. To regulate the fluid balance, you must also eat at least two different fruits every day.

You can remove the second chin in Home conditions for a week, forcing the muscles of the neck to strain as often as possible. Start every morning with an easy charge for the entire body, with special attention given to the area around the chin. Standing straight, tilt your head as far back as possible, moving slowly and holding it for a few seconds in the final position, then slowly return to the original, using only the neck muscles. Repeat at least 20 times in 3 approaches. After that, do the same exercise, but now tilt your head forward.

Open your mouth as if you want to say the letter "A", and at the same time try to smile, pulling up the tips of the lower lip. In doing so, you should feel a strong tension in the muscles of the neck. Repeat the 20 exercise once in 3 approaches. Complete the complex of gymnastics with pats and strokes of the neck and the area under the chin, in order to better disperse blood through the vessels and veins.

Effectively remove the second chin at home for a week and fix the result you will help different creams containing collagen and vitamins. You can choose special products for the neck, which contain a large number of lipids, moisturizing and smoothing the skin. Try also to use natural masks and compresses. For example, lightly beat egg white, mix with a small amount of fresh cottage cheese, almond or olive oil. Apply mass to the cleansed skin of the neck and chin for 20 minutes. This mask can be done twice a day.

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