How to remove the ring from a swollen finger

How to remove the ring from a swollen finger
There are many reasons why rings can suddenly get stuck on your fingers. You are pregnant and gaining weight, your fingers swelled from the heat, you thoughtlessly donned ring smaller size. It does not matter why it happened – it is important that there are many ways to cope with this annoying problem.

You will need
  • Lubricants
  • Dental thread
  • Needle
Никогда не пытайтесь take off кольцо, дергая его вверх-вниз. Так вы только травмируете кожу, и палец опухнет ещё больше. Аккуратно и плавно крутите кольцо на пальце, позволяя ему медленно подниматься все выше.

If the ring that you wear for a long time without any discomfort, once in the morning – stuck, and all the fingers look a little swollen, this may be due to excessive intake of salty foods the day before. Do not try to remove the ring immediately – wait until the middle of the day. Drink more water to wash the salt out of the body and most likely, the swelling will drop and the ring can be removed without effort.

If your fingers start to swell because of the heat, raise your hands so that the brushes are above your heart. You can lean your elbow on tall table or stand and wait a little while the blood flow to the hand will decrease. This will allow the tumor to subside and help remove the ring.

Иногда кольцу мешают складки кожи на суставах. Попросите кого-нибудь подержать вашу кожу на пальце немного оттянутой вниз, а сами попробуйте ещё раз.

В any house there are many substances that can serve as a lubricant and help remove the ring with minimal damage to the skin. It can be:

– Cosmetic Vaseline or lotion для рук;

– air conditioning or shampoo for volos;

– liquid soap;

– ointment with antibiotics;

spray with plant oil;

– body lotion;

– just a soapy foam.

Generously apply grease to your finger around the ring, turn the ring a few times. Take a piece of soft cloth and start to take off the ring. The fabric is needed so that your fingers do not slip on the lubricated metal.

If you have a dental floss and a sewing needle on hand, you should try the following method.

Thread the part of the thread under the ring. Begin to wind the thread that part of the finger that is above the ring. Wrap up to the joint, tighten the thread tightly, but not enough to cause it сильный discomfort. Now grasp the lower end and begin to pull for it, unwinding and lifting the ring up.

If the finger began to turn blue, do not waste time on independent attempts. Call the rescue service, hurry to the emergency room or to the nearest jeweler. You can lose your finger! Cutting a ring is much easier than you imagine. The cut ring can be mend – The least you need to worry about it.

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