How to remove the redness of the eyes

How to remove the redness of the eyes
Fatigue and redness the eyes are not only an unpleasant moment that does not adorn us, but also brings a certain discomfort. To get rid of this problem it is possible with the help of folk remedy, which our great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers used.

You will need
  • Картофель – 2 столовые ложки;
  • Black tea – 2 tablespoons.
Take a small raw potato and rinse thoroughly under a flowing burning water.

Хорошо высушите, почистите и натрите на мелкой терке.

The received bulk положите на заранее приготовленный кусочек марли.

Fold and attach to eyes on 15-20 minute.

Then remove it and put it on 15-20 for eyes tampons soaked in cold strong tea.

Repeat the procedure daily.

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