How to remove the redness of acne

How to remove the redness of acne
Unexpectedly appeared overnight pimple – a familiar story? Such a small trouble can spoil both a scheduled date and an important meeting at work. Instantly cope with the problem does not work. But you can try to try to compete with her with the help of cosmetics.

You will need
  • aspirin
  • eye drops
  • лед
  • camouflage pencil
Reduce redness of a pimple may with help ice. Press a piece of ice to the reddened area every half hour for a couple of minutes. Ice will help fight with inflammation and pain. And then you can use the camouflage карандаш green tintto hide the redness and the pimple itself.
Green color perfectly overlaps red

Help remove redness acne can also be a mixture of crushed aspirin and water. Apply it to the damaged area. Hold for a few minutes to take off inflammation.

Another way to help clean the red from the face – drops for eyes, applied directly to the pimple.

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