How to remove the cuticle

How to remove the cuticle
Cuticle – tightly adjacent to the nail plate layer of skin at the base of the nail. Its main function is protective, so that infections do not penetrate to the nail root, therefore, disputes do not subside, cuticle or just slide it. Depending on this, there are two types of manicure – edged (classic) and unedged (European). If the cuticle grows quickly, "fringes", burrs appear on it, it is better to trim it neatly, if not – try to remove it using special tools.

Обрезной (classic).
Soften the skin of hands in the bath with a special emollient or simply in warm water. Then, gently move cuticle an orange stick. Someone uses metal spoons for this, but the orange stick is better, since its stiffness is the same as that of the nail. Pushing aside, cut cuticle rounded manicure scissors. Do not try to cut cuticle to the bottom – so you can touch the nail roller, damage it and bring the infection to the nail root. The main thing is that the work should be done carefully, smooth, otherwise there may be burrs in the cuts. If cuticle "Overgrown", use the tweezers. Try to keep them smooth and also smoothly cut cuticleUse a manicure scissors to level the edges. After finishing manicure grease nails special oil.

Unedged (European).
Смысл этого способа в том, что на cuticle A special agent is used to soften (remove) cuticle (no more than 5 minutes). In its composition there are fruit and lactic acids, which do not allow кутикуле expand. After applying the product again, gently move cuticle and remove the dead skin cells with an orange stick or scapula from the center of the nail to the side rollers. The remnants of the softening agent are removed with a tissue. And the nail itself is lubricated with oil. When using this method, the result does not appear immediately. Only after several applications your hands will acquire a beautiful well-groomed appearance.

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