How to remove the antennae

How to remove the antennae
Whiskers in men – a fairly common phenomenon. Many of them consider a mustache their trademark difference and with dignity and joy wear them to emphasize their solidity. But it happens that some kind of similarity antennae appears in women. Dark stiff hairs above the upper lip do not add to the woman neither grace, nor femininity. This happens when a lot of male hormones begin to be produced in the female body. If the girl is also a brunette, then the hairs are much more noticeable. If you encounter such a problem and want to deal with it, read the instructions below.

Perhaps you should start taking drugs that will inhibit the production of male hormones in your body. Ask your doctor, and if he approves of such an idea, ask him to prescribe one of your medications. Such an action is rendered by:
1. Oral contraceptives. Contraceptive pills are often prescribed to solve hormonal problems.

2. Preparations of spironolactone and ketaconazole. These drugs slow down the production of male hormones in the body and reduce their effect on the hair follicles.
И помните: ни в коем случае не принимайте такие препараты без рекомендации врача!

If you are not yet ready for such radical measures as the restructuring of your own hormonal background, then try to solve the problem volos on the face cosmetology. First of all, try lighten the hair. Select a tool for discoloration Hair, which is the least irritating to the skin (skin in this area is very tender, you can easily get redness and dryness). If you have sensitive skin, you better give up this method.

Если предыдущие способы вам не подходят, то попробуйте выщипать волоски пинцетом. Это самый дешёвый и простой способ борьбы с волосками, однако, он и самый болезненный. Помните, что после выщипывания вновь отросшие волоски будут толще.

Попробуйте удалить волоски с помощью воска. Этот способ даёт самый продолжительный результат и довольно прост, but того, существует специальный воск именно для удаления волосков на лице. Минус этого способа в том, что для проведения такой процедуры необходимо, чтобы волоски отросли до определённой длины. То есть, какое-то время вам придётся походить с заметными antennae.

If you do not like the proposed methods, then, perhaps, you will approach electroepilation. It is quite effective, but its disadvantages include its duration (at least 5 sessions), painstakingness, and, in the frequency of cases, soreness.

The most successful option epilation for the hairs on the face – this is laser or photo-epilation. The main Cons such procedures are their price. But such procedures will give a long and qualitative effect.

Keep in mind that the increased vegetation on the face girls can be a signal of any serious disruptions in the body, so the first thing you need do, if you are faced with such a problem – this is to see a doctor and do a survey. Health to you and be beautiful!

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