How to remove swelling and bruising

How to remove swelling and bruising
Of course, bruises and swelling under the eyes of no one is dyed. But most women prefer to hide them every day under powder or special creams, thus, masking unpleasant manifestations and spending a lot of effort and free time on it. Although, it is quite easy to get rid of this phenomenon. It is much easier to eliminate the cause of the disease, and the consequences will pass by themselves.

First of all, to escape for edema and bruises under the eyes, it is necessary to turn to doctor. Дело в том, что все эти неприятные внешние проявления могут быть симптомами заболеваний различных внутренних органов. Другие сопровождающие болезней, возможно, сначала и не проявят себя. Но ваши bruises and swelling indicates that the body is not all OK. Если у вас присутствует какое – либо хроническое заболевание, то сначала необходимо вылечить его. Но также отеки и bruises can be simply a consequence of fatigue, stress and lack of vitamins.

If the doctor does not detect chronic diseases, then treatment your bruises and swelling can be as follows: always, every year in the autumn and winter time to take courses of vitamin preparations. At this time, the body needs support from outside especially.

The next step is direct treatment of the edema and bruises themselves. For this, you can use special medical and cosmetic means. But, to achieve the desired effect, they are better combined with several of the following things.

First of all, it is a healthy dream of sufficient duration. In the bedroom room good temperature and humidity characteristics are needed. The bedroom should be cool, dark enough, and your sleeping room should be constantly ventilated.

Не пейте большое количество жидкости на ночь, поскольку именно это often является причиной наличия синяков и отеков под eyes, отеков конечностей. По возможности, исключите из вечернего рациона крепкий чай и кофе.

Compresses from tea are useful for removing edema in the eye area. Before using them, brewing is best placed in the refrigerator, and after the procedure, wipe the area around the eyes with pieces of ice. Before going to bed, you can apply tampons, soaked in sage broth.

Effective and rapid results can give compresses of ice based on herbs. In special molds you need to pour herbal decoctions and freeze. Obtained ice compresses in areas of bruises and swelling.

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