How to remove stretch marks on the skin?

How to remove stretch marks on the skin?
Despite the fact that stretch marks (stitches) do not cause pain and do not cause physical discomfort, they make the skin less elastic and elastic and look quite not beautiful. However, you can still get rid of stretch marks. There are at least four ways to get rid of them.

1. It is necessary to mix ten drops of fresh lemon juice, orange oil, rosemary extract (can be replaced with lavender oil) with 10 ml jojoba oil. The prepared mixture must be put on a day in a dark place so that it can infiltrate. After a day, the mixture can be used – massage it with those places where stretch marks are available.

2. To prepare the composition according to the second method, it is necessary to take 4-5 drops of lavender oil and dilute in half a glass of water. Aromatic water must be applied twice a day to problem areas, rubbed into the skin.

3. Половину стакана сока алоэ развести в половине стакана оливкового масла. В получившуюся смесь добавить 5 капель витамина А и 10 капель витамина Е. Данную смесь необходимо хранить в холодильнике и использовать при массаже утром и вечером.

4. In one glass of boiled water you need to dissolve 1 g mumiye and add any body cream. The resulting ointment should be stored in the refrigerator and applied to the skin after taking a bath or shower.

To make the process of getting rid of stretch marks more active, it is necessary to apply an integrated approach and combine massage with water procedures that help maintain skin elasticity. It is very effective in this case to combine massage with a sauna or steam bath.

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