How to remove stretch marks on chest

How to remove stretch marks on chest
The appearance of stretch marks on the chest is a fairly common cosmetic problem. To remove them, you need to identify the cause, and then choose an effective method to deal with them.

What is stretching?

Stretch marks on the chest are scars on the skin, the shade of which varies from violet to white. Color largely depends on the condition of blood vessels. At the initial stage of appearance, the scar is quite noticeable, gradually acquiring a pinkish tone. If you do not deal with their treatment, they remain forever on their chest.

The main reasons for the appearance of such a defect are:
– hormonal changes that lead to a decrease in elasticity;
– increased stress on the skin, resulting in a strong stretching of the epithelial cells.

Stretching does not affect your health, but leads to problems with the beauty of the skin. External defects, which a woman regularly sees in a mirror image, negatively affect the emotional state, so it is recommended to get rid of them forever.

Methods of combating stretch marks

The most rapid way to eliminate stretch marks on the chest is plastic surgery. With the help of laser exposure, unaesthetic scars are removed. But it is better to replace the procedure with more sparing methods. For example, when you visit a cosmetology room offers a wide range of services:
– medical wrapping;
– breast massage;
– special masks;
– ultrasound therapy;
– chemical peeling and others.

If there is no opportunity to consult a specialist, you can use home remedies. The most simple and effective method is rubbing into the skin of essential or vegetable oils. Olive, almond, linseed oil contains a large amount of vitamin E, necessary for the regeneration of epithelial cells. With light circular motions, oil is applied to the chest, which leads to the enrichment of the skin with useful trace elements.

Even fresh stretch marks can be removed with a special scrub. To make it, you need to mix a glass of sugar, a glass of salt, half a glass of olive oil. After taking a bath or shower, apply to the skin of the chest and during the 10-15 minutes massage the problem area. Then remove the residues with warm water and grease with a nutritious cream.

Helps improve the skin of carrots. Pour the carrots with water, and after 20 minutes, squeeze the resulting pulp and add a small amount of almond oil. The resulting gruel is applied to the chest area and left overnight. In the morning remove the carrot compress and wash the skin with warm water.

Do not forget about the diet. To keep the skin beautiful and supple, you need to consume a large amount of seafood, nuts, vegetable oils, fresh fruits and vegetables.

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