How to remove static electricity from hair

How to remove static electricity from hair
Due to the fact that the human body consists of water more than two thirds, it is an excellent electrical conductor, therefore it perfectly accumulates static charges. You can not feel this until you touch a metal object. Or do not pay attention to the fact that when combing your volosYou literally rise on end.

Try to prevent the accumulation of static electricity. To do this, buy clothes made from natural fabric. If there are synthetic things in your wardrobe, treat them with special air conditioners and anti-static sprays. Get shoes for shoes from cotton or strip, which are glued to the sole and have an anti-static effect.

When washing hair, do not forget to use the air conditioner. The problem with the effect of electricity on hair is especially acute in winter. Therefore, use in the cold months shampoos, saturated with vitamins.

Не мойте голову слишком горячей водой. Косметология уже давно предлагает широкий выбор средств, снимающих статическое электричество с волос. Поэтому, после мытья используйте муссы и гели для укладки. Кстати, волосы мойте чаще – чистые они реже подвергаются накоплению заряда. Если вы сушите голову феном, пользуйтесь моделью с функцией ионизации, не стоит также пересушивать волосы. А за полчаса до мытья головы вотрите в волосы немного оливкового масла.

В борьбе с электричеством не лишним будет приобрести расческу из природного материала – лучше всего деревянную, можно также использовать щетку с натуральной щетины. Cut the split ends of your hair a couple of times a month. This will also reduce the accumulation of static electricity.

Try to touch the hair less often with your hands, as this just electrifies the curls. And if the trouble does happen, do not rush to fix the hair right away. Wait for 5-10 minutes and then comb the wooden comb.

Prepare a mask of honey and egg yolk. Mix a tablespoon of natural honey with two yolks and a teaspoon of olive oil. Evenly rub the resulting mixture into the hair and wrap the head with polyethylene. The duration of the procedure is half an hour. Make masks 2-3 times throughout the week.

Mix 3 tablespoons of olive oil with half a lemon juice, warm the mixture in a water bath. Rub in the hair and hold for half an hour, then wash your hair.

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