How to remove stains on the body

How to remove stains on the body
If you have spots on your skin – this is not a problem that you can not pay attention to. Perhaps, they have arisen because of some external influences, for example, from the sun or friction, but they can also testify about some internal malfunctions in the body. Therefore, before you start using all sorts of means to remove them, try to understand the reason for their appearance, because it depends on it, how effective will be the measures you take.

If there are no apparent reasons, it is best to seek professional advice. If origin spots is associated with some internal diseases, for example, liver disease, thyroid gland, pituitary gland, gonads, nervous system, etc., stain removal will occur in conjunction with the treatment of the underlying disease.

Avoid the possibility of exposure to the skin of a factor such as excessive ultraviolet radiation. Apply sunscreen, drugs that suppress the production of melatonin, cosmetics with retinol, arbutin, vitamin C. Cosmetics should contain vegetable oils with UV filters.

Stains can be removed with the help of various bleaching agents. For example, you can lubricate them twice a day with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide (50 g 3-percentage solution) and ammonia (2 g). Cotton swab with this mixture is imposed for a quarter of an hour on the pigmented spot.

Sufficiently effective skin bleaching agents are juices of lemon, red currant, onion, grapefruit and sour cabbage. The napkin soaked in these juices is applied to the stains for a quarter of an hour. Another way: bleaching stains with a mixture of equal parts of table vinegar, lemon juice and water. Improve the skin color white clay, parsley, cucumber juice.

Spots from acne You can try to wipe the tincture of St. John's wort. It is prepared from 2 stalks of dry grass and a glass of alcohol. Insist the medication should be 10 days in a dark place, and then use it every day for rubbing.

Simultaneously with the impact on the stains of various cosmetics, do not forget about the replenishment of the body with vitamins of groups A, PP, C and enzymes, which play a significant role in ensuring the correct pigmentation of the skin.

Get Rid from pigmentation you can help in cosmetology clinics, where they are used:

-Chemical peeling on the basis of fruit acids, in which cells with excessive pigmentation are removed and the formation of a new layer of skin is stimulated.

– Cryodestruction, during which the liquid layer of nitrogen freezes the surface layer of the skin. After some time after the procedure, the surface of the skin with spots darkens and is rejected. This method is considered the most effective in the case of the appearance of age spots.

Лечение с помощью лазера, когда направленная световая wave destroys the excess of melanin in the upper layers of the skin.

Dermabrasion, which is similar in result to other methods (here, too, the upper layer of the skin is gently removed and regeneration of new tissues is stimulated).

-Photo-rejuvenation – the warming effect of light energy on the skin.

After applying the cosmetic methods of removing stains, you should avoid getting sun rays on the treated surface of the skin: cover these parts of the body with clothing and apply appropriate creams within two weeks.

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