How to remove stains after acne

How to remove stains after acne
The transition age has already passed, the skin has stopped "rioting" for any reason, the sebaceous glands have stopped secreting sebum in industrial quantities. What is not a reason for joy? However, the joy of many girls overshadow the consequences of the puberty period – spots from acne and uneven complexion. How to remove them?

You will need
  • scrub, clay, essential oil of lemon, banyag, roll, broth of chamomile

Right Cleansing – залог успеха. Ни одна Mask, no cream can not act effectively if the skin is not cleaned. Useful substances simply can not penetrate through the layer of sebum, so the stage of purification should be given much attention.
Умываться можно обычной водой (если она чистая и без вредных примесей), водой с добавлением косметических средств (гели и пенки), водой с добавлением отвара трав.


After the skin is cleaned, you need to make the blood circulate faster. The faster the blood moves, the faster the stains disappear pimples. Самый простой способ добиться этого в domestic conditions – make a mask from clay. On sale it is possible to find boxes of almost all colors: both blue, and green, and pink, and white, and black. For problem skin it is best to use blue and black, for very greasy – white clay.
Dilute clay with water to a consistency of thick cream and apply on face. When diluted, you can add lemon juice to the clay – it has a whitening effect and will also help in fighting stains from acne. After twenty minutes the mask can be gently washed off.

Наводим прицел!

After the skin is cleaned, you can proceed to "combat" actions. To do this, we need a powder of spruce. Badyaga is a seaweed, the powder from it is small particles that polish the skin, improve blood circulation and help remove spots from acne. Badyagu (powder or gel) is used to resolve bruises. The spots from acne are, in fact, the same bruises, only very, very small.
Dilute the powder with water and apply pointwise to the problem areas.
Badyaga is very strongly dry your skin, do not overdo it!

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