How to remove split ends of hair, not cutting them

How to remove split ends of hair, not cutting them
Splitting of the tips, as a rule, affects hair of dry type, the length of which exceeds 30 cm. Such a head of hair lacks the necessary vitamins and other valuable elements, so it is exposed to negative external factors: coloring, waving, poor-quality cosmetics, etc. Fortunately, you can heal the split ends. To quickly achieve the result, it is recommended to begin treatment of split ends with hot scissors. As a result of this procedure, the ends are sealed. But if the hair is cut along the entire length, she can not go about the haircut and speech, because she would have had to have a haircut nalyso. To help in this case, there will come masks and other cosmetic mixtures with a gluing effect.

Pumpkin hair mask with split ends

The recipe for this remedy:
– 400-430 g pumpkin;
– 1 st.l. olive or burdock oil;
– 1 tsp basil oil;
– 0,5-1 tsp essential oil of ylang-ylang.

Pumpkin rubbed on a fine grater or crushed in a blender, after which the juice is squeezed out of the gruel. Then in pumpkin puree add oil. The restorative cosmetic mixture is applied to clean wet strands, wrapped in a plastic bag and warmed with a towel. Hold the mask for 37-40 minutes, then rinse off with room temperature water with shampoo. Such a procedure is recommended to be done twice or thrice a week: the effect will not take long to wait.

Peach mask for split hair

To prepare a gluing splitting hairs cosmic means, you need these components:
– 2 juicy ripe peach;
– 6-8 drops of aromatic oil of oregano;
– 3-4 st.l. milk.

Peaches are carefully peeled and the bones are removed, and the pulp is ground. Then the peach puree is enriched with milk and essential oil. Evenly distribute the restorative mixture in strings, put on a rubber cap, and on top warm the head with a terry towel. The duration of this procedure is 27-33 minutes. Wash off the mask with comfortable temperature water and shampoo.

Cosmetic mixture with gluing effect on the basis of burdock

The following ingredients are used to prepare this remedy:
– 200 ml of vegetable oil;
– 100-110 g root fresh burdock.

The rhizome is ground and added to the resulting mass of vegetable oil (use recommended olive, almond or castor oil). This composition is poured into a glass container, which is tightly closed, and insisted for 24 hours at room temperature. Then the mixture is brought to a boil in a water bath and continues to boil for another 17-20 minutes. After the composition is filtered. Such a regenerating mask is recommended to apply on dry strands for 1,5 hours before washing the head.

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