How to remove slags from the body

How to remove slags from the body
In the past, people did not think about cleansing the body of toxins. For this, nature has awarded us with the lymphatic system, liver, kidneys, intestines and skin. It is these organs that are designed to bring out anything that can harm us.

However, earlier people did not eat such a lot of carcinogens, emulsifiers, stabilizers, taste enhancers, dyes, preservatives, antibiotics, etc. As a result, the cleaning system can not cope. And we need to take care of the removal of toxins from the body. Otherwise, we are threatened with headaches, digestive disorders, allergies and other troubles.

You will need
  • Melt water, round rice, bay leaf.
There are many ways to cleanse the body of toxins. To remove salt deposits, strengthen joints, bones and muscles useful use Bay leaf.
Take 5 g of crushed bay leaf. Fill it with 300 gr of boiling water, and then boil 10 more for a low heat. After this, you need to pour the infusion into the thermos, close, wrap and insist for another 4 hours. Remove slag from help This broth should be 3 days. The broth should be drunk on one tablespoon for all three days in a row. It is desirable that this be done at regular intervals. After that it is necessary do break for week, and then repeat the course.

Perfectly removes from the body all the slag is melt water. It is similar in composition to the water that is contained in us. But in the city it is difficult to get. Therefore, melt water can be prepared independently.
Collect tap water, pour it into a container and put it in the freezer. When inside are formed long thin icicles, they must be removed and discarded. The remaining water should be poured into another container and continue to be frozen. When it is divided into pure ice and a cloudy suspension, the latter must be remove. The remaining pure ice must be thawed and thawed. Store this water can not more than 3-x days.

Tibetan llamas purified the body of the slag with simple rice. Only it should be round. The fact is that rice has a crystal lattice. When the rice grains are soaked, and then the water is drained, the starch is washed out, and the cells appear on the grains. As a result, rice is not digested and enters the 12-colon. There cells and draw in themselves all the body's accumulated slags.
Rice should take as many spoons as you are. Then it must be rinsed, poured cold boiled water, cover it and put it in the refrigerator for the night. In the morning, water should be drained, take rice in the amount of a tablespoon with top and boil 3-4 minutes without salt.
Then it should be received rice porridge to eat on an empty stomach until half past seven in the morning. The remaining rice should be poured again with boiled water and put in the refrigerator. So делать every morning until the rice is over.

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