How to remove shellac at home

How to remove shellac at home
Shellac in modern fashionistas almost completely replaced the usual varnish. And it's no accident! It shellack, being in its structure durable, allows you to keep beautiful and well-groomed nails for almost a month. Since it is very resistant to external influences, it is much more difficult to remove than ordinary varnish. How to remove shellac at home?

You will need
  • – liquid for removing varnish (preferably without acetone, since it does not favorably affect the nail plate)
  • – foil for baking (you can still take foil from under the chocolate)
  • – cotton wheels
  • – scraper (scapula for manicure, it is better to use wood, it does less harm)
  • – office scissors
  • – nail polish
  • – Nail file for grinding
  • – greasy hand cream
Using office scissors, cut the foil squares 4×6 centimeters (you can take any sizes that you will be comfortable wrapping your fingers).

Carefully cut the wadded disks into four pieces to make triangles with a rounded base.

After soaking the cotton triangles with the means for removing the varnish, we put it on the nail plate and wrap it around the circle. Thus, the tip of the finger should be completely closed, and the foil must be well fixed on it.

After 10-15 minutes, gently, with each finger separately from each other, remove the foil with a cotton disc. Shellac must rise slightly.

Используя шабер, аккуратно счищаем поднятый shellac с ногтевой пластины, а с помощью пилочки для шлифования ногтей обрабатываем ногти и покрываем их лаком (лучше использовать укрепляющий лак).

Treat hands with a fat cream.

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