How to remove scars on the face

How to remove scars on the face
Scarring – this is the result of replacement of damaged skin tissues with connective tissue. They can appear as a result of burns, skin diseases, mechanical injuries. How can I remove scars on Facial? Treatment of scars should not be dealt with on your own – consult a doctor who will advise the method that suits you.

Cryotherapy promotes flattening of scars. For it, a thermocouple and liquid nitrogen are used, with the help of which it reaches a temperature of -40?С. Cryotherapy is not suitable for swarty and black patients, since there is a risk of pigmentation.

With the help of laser resurfacing, the specialist layerwise evaporates scar tissue. Grinding is carried out practically bloodlessly and quickly. It is well combined with other methods of correction of scars, and after healing of the skin, treatment can be supplemented with other procedures.

Пилинг фруктовыми кислотами – sparing procedure that gives a very good effect. In the process of exposure to acids, the horny skin cells exfoliate, and the process of its deep regeneration is stimulated. The procedure of peeling is rather soft and not traumatic for the skin. Fruit acids stimulate the production of elastin and collagen, so that the skin is leveled, its elasticity increases, and the pores become narrower.

Химический пилинг выравнивает рельеф кожи, нивелируя границы между здоровой и зарубцевавшейся. Его лучше проводить в два этапа – поверхностный пилинг и серединный. Поверхностный пилинг нужен для того, чтобы кожа «настроилась» на процедуры. Несколько сеансов серединного пилинга стимулируют естественные физиологические процессы кожи. Параллельно с пилингом можно проводить процедуры с использованием регенерантов и усилителей локальной микроциркуляции.

The method of microdermabrasion is based on a very fine grinding of the skin. The microcrystalline alumina powder is an abrasive substance. Micro-grinding promotes rapid regeneration of the skin and replacement of damaged cells with new ones. This procedure also has a rejuvenating effect.

Treatment of scars on Facial can also promote cosmetic preparations for skin care. Cosmetics with retinol and fruit acids with long-term use promotes skin regeneration and smoothing. In the summer, such cosmetic preparations should be combined with protective agents with a UV filter.

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