How to remove resin from hair

How to remove resin from hair
Resting in a sauna from a pine log house, you can not only strengthen your health and improve your mood, but also get an unpleasant surprise – a drop of resin in your hair. How to cope with this trouble?

You will need
  • – vegetable oil;
  • – Shampoo;
  • – soda;
  • – ice;
  • – Alcohol, turpentine;
  • – solvent.
If the resin has hit the very ends of the hair and you do not mind cutting them a little, the best way to get rid of this trouble will be carefully cutting the damaged strands.

In the case when hair cutting is excluded, try to gently comb the resin, lubricating it with a lot of vegetable oil. This method can help if the hair is thin and not very thick. Remove the oil after the ringlets is simple enough. You just need to wash them several times with shampoo.

Dissolve hot baking soda in hot water and rinse the resulting solution with hair.

There is another way to remove tar. Frozen it, overlooking on all sides with small pieces of ice. Then, gently crumbling it, gradually pull out of the hair. After that, wash your head well with hot water with a shampoo or soap.

Spruce or pine resin is readily soluble in pure alcohol (vodka will not work), turpentine or in kerosene. To do the hair minimal harm, drip some liquid on a cotton swab and gently dissolve the resin, trying not to get too much on the hair. Avoid getting these substances on your skin.

Try using gasoline to dissolve the resin droplets. If possible, use clean gasoline, designed for refueling lighters. The ambassadors of this procedure carefully rinse the strands in running water and several times wash them with shampoo.

Use the solvent available at home. For example, a means for removing varnish or white spirit. Only use caution, do not spray the product over your hair and skin.

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