How to remove redness on the face

How to remove redness on the face
Tortured redness on Facial? A few simple ways will calm and make your skin beautiful.

To redden completely disappeared from your face, follow simple rules. First, never touch your face. For a delicate, sensitive skin this is equivalent to the appearance of all sorts of troubles: you irritate, injure the skin. And also pollute the face. Bacteria that have migrated from your hands, will increase redness. Secondly, show more active actions. Buy a pharmacy in a pharmacy paraffin, warm it up so that it becomes viscous, but not excessively hot. Take the cotton swab, apply paraffin. After twenty minutes, carefully remove the formed crust, lubricate the skin with healing vitamins А и Е.

Another way remove redness: buy white cosmetic clay. With all the useful properties, it costs a mere penny. Dilute it to a creamy condition, apply to the entire face. White clay has a soothing effect on the entire skin of the face. The same action has and all sorts of soothing masks, например из меда и мяты. Можете попробовать обыкновенный огурец. Придерживайте его в проблемном месте некоторое время, он остудит и успокоит кожу. Подобные домашние процедуры всегда состоять из двух шагов: сперва Cleansing, disinfection, then sedation. Mild redness should be removed by hand!

If the matter is urgent, then what делать, you will have to use tonal means. Нужно, разумеется, clear skin, then apply a special remedy: green карандаш. Feeling it, you can apply the most common foundation. Reds will not be seen. But if you need a long-term effect, it's wise to go to a beauty salon: there you will be cleansed, and several suitable procedures. It can be a modified (with the addition of certain vitamins) mesotherapy. Or super-useful procedure with the terrible name "darsonvalization".

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