How to remove red spots on the abdomen and sides

How to remove red spots on the abdomen and sides
Red spots on the body give a person a lot of unpleasant sensations. First of all, it's itch. It is he who causes anxiety and discomfort. If the stains are due to an allergic reaction, its source should be eliminated. From the rashes you can try to get rid of improvised means.

Sour-milk products in the fight against allergies

Red spots on the abdomen, flanks и других частях тела – повод посетить врача. Особенно если они появились вследствие приема лекарственных препаратов. При сильном зуде облегчить свое состояние можно с помощью жидкой сметаны, кефира или кислого молока. Нанесите любой продукт на проблемные места. Спустя десять минут смойте проточной водой. Подсушите кожу салфеткой и протрите слабым раствором борной кислоты. Также следует принять антигистаминный препарат.

Remove stains on the abdomen, sides and other parts of the body can be tried with an anti-allergic baby cream. For example, the cream brand Baby. In this case, any soap, gel or other cleanser is contraindicated. These additional irritants can aggravate the allergy, and therefore increase the rashes on the skin.

If allergic spots were caused by the use of a cosmetic product, the skin should be washed with plenty of clean water and greased with a special ointment. Then take an antihistamine. In this case, ointments and other drugs to combat allergies should appoint a doctor. Self-medication can lead to even more trouble. The composition of antihistamines may include a component that can cause a repeated allergic reaction. This will prolong the recovery.

Good habits will speed recovery

An accelerated process of recovery will help an active lifestyle. For this, forget about transport. Start using the bike. Walk more for long distances. Also it is necessary to stay longer in the fresh air, it is good to get enough sleep, to eat right. Great value in the fight against any disease has a positive attitude of man.

Red spots on the abdomen, sides and other parts of the body can be bright red and occupy most of the skin, and may be almost invisible. This is influenced by the concentration and amount of the allergen used.

During treatment of allergy, it is contraindicated to visit hot baths, saunas. Do not take too hot baths. It is also necessary to exclude the use of alcohol in any form. It does not matter whether he is present in contraindications to the medicine or not. In hot or frosty days, as well as with wind and rain, the skin should be carefully covered.

Corticosteroid preparations have a high therapeutic effect. This hydrocortisone and prednisolone. Many doctors recommend that they be used to combat the symptoms of allergies.

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