How to remove red hair color

How to remove red hair color
Sometimes experiments with appearance and color volos do not lead to the desired results. This situation is unpleasant, but is familiar to those women who prefer to dye their hair on their own without referring to professionals. To fix the situation and get rid of the red hair color is sometimes not so simple as it might seem at first glance, but still possible.

You will need
  • – hair dye;
  • – paint washing;
  • – oils (olive, almond, burdock, linseed);
  • – коньяк или пиво;
  • – Honey.
If you are already fed up red hair color or just not suitable, can be repainted hair in a darker shade, for example, chocolate or dark chestnut. Consult a professional hairdresser to help him choose the right tone.

Paint the hair from the hair in domestic conditions, правда, может потребоваться несколько таких процедур. Практически все смывки содержат химические вещества и окислители, они одинаковы по действию, но более дорогие имеют в своем составе ухаживающие компоненты, которые помогают волосам бороться с таким стрессом. Разведите смывку согласно инструкции и нанесите на волосы с помощью кисточки, равномерно распределите и оставьте на полчаса. Затем смойте теплой водой с шампунем и нанесите бальзам.

Washing ruthlessly harms your hair, so after restoring the natural color, ensure a quality care for a month. Moisturize and nourish hair, use masks made from natural products (without the addition of chemistry). Refrain from using a hairdryer, ironing and curling until the hair is restored.

You can get rid of the red shade of hair in Home conditions, without resorting to the effects of chemicals. Rub in burdock, almond, olive or linseed oil with a little cognac or beer. Use this mask three hours before washing your hair. A decoction of chamomile also helps lightly lighten the hair.

Honey mask is one of the most effective for hair color restoration. Densely grease the hair with honey, wrap the head with a film and a warm kerchief, leave for a long time, preferably at night. In the morning, thoroughly wash your hair. Applying this folk remedy for a week, you will get rid of unnecessary shade and improve the condition of the hair.

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