How to remove red after a tanning salon

How to remove red after a tanning salon
Redness after sunbathing or solarium – not the most pleasant phenomenon, so that we learn to cope effectively with this problem and become owners of beautiful bronze skin as quickly as possible!

First, the after solarium it is worth taking a very cool shower. Hot water not only strengthens redness, but also destroys the delicate protective natural layer of the skin. Do not use a washcloth or sponge, except that only a nutritious and gentle gel for the shower (preferably with a neutral level of ph). Remember that showering after solarium – это обязательная процедура.

Moisten and soothe the skin: firstly, a tan will last for long only if the skin is perfectly moisturized, and secondly, after impacts ultraviolet your skin needs urgently восполнить запас влаги! Выбирайте легкие кремы или гели с натуральными экстрактами, например, с chamomilewhich perfectly soothes the skin and relieves redness. Do not use heavy nutritious creams, they are unlikely to help hide redness. Great, if you can find a product with menthol that will cool the skin and effectively remove redness.

If you feel that burnt, then try to remove redness with the help of the pulp of avocado and peach (although quite suit and apricot) oils. They contain a huge amount of nutrients that will come to help your skin, affected by the intense effects of ultraviolet radiation.

С потенциальными ожогами и краснотой after solarium perfectly fighting various herbal infusions: sage, already mentioned above chamomile, parsley и чистотел. In addition, an excellent tool is brewed the black or green tea, which need to soak cotton wool or gauze and apply to affected areas at about 20-30 minutes.

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