How to remove plaque from teeth

How to remove plaque from teeth
Flat, white teeth – it's beautiful. Owners of a white tooth smile are always easier to communicate, because they are open, friendly and can demonstrate it. But what to do if the teeth are covered with a yellow coating and smile once again the desire does not arise? Agree, it is much easier and easier to remove the raid than to be seen in the company of friends as a morose, unsociable person.

During the day, our teeth constantly undergo various attacks. Hot, cold, sour, sweet food creates an unfavorable chemical environment that destroys teeth, and bacteria that multiply in food remains stuck between teeth, only aggravate the situation. Coffee, tea, smoking, too, do not pass without a trace in the literal sense words, they make teeth yellow and unattractive. Cleaning your teeth while doing this helps only partially, the villi even most modern brushes Do not clean the teeth completely, they are left with deposits, from which eventually formed plaque, which later becomes tartar. Most often, the stone is formed on those teeth, which are less involved in chewing.

Removal of plaque and tartar independently better not to produce. All home remedies are ineffective, and improper use of them can damage the teeth or even completely destroy them. Regular visit to the dentist for preventive cleaning will in this case be the wisest decision. Do this at least twice a year, only the dentist can remove the plaque qualitatively and without unpleasant consequences. Most often, dentists use special ultrasound devices. The hooks used for the cleaning procedure are in the past. They do not guarantee a complete cleansing, they can injure the patient's teeth, and the sensations from their impact are not very pleasant.

Special ultrasonic vibrations cause a process called cavitation – a strong turbulence of the fluid. In this case, it is not necessary to touch the tooth with a nozzle, it is enough just to bring it to the tooth and the dental plaque falls off by itself. Moreover, in addition is the release of oxygen from water, which allows simultaneous disinfection of the treated area. Cleans not only the surface of the tooth, but also the surface of the gums and the radical space of the tooth. After removing the plaque, the dentist can offer you to polish the teeth. Do not refuse this procedure. Polished teeth not only look more attractive, smooth поверхность затруднит образование нового налета на чистых зубах. Снятие зубного налета – процедура абсолютно безболезненная, и если вы будете производить ее регулярно, то ваша улыбка будет поражать всех своей белизной.

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