How to remove pigment spots

How to remove pigment spots
Pigmented blemishes a common cosmetic defect. Usually the older the person, the more pigmented his skin is. It should also be taken into account that not always the spots disappear, even if you use professional cosmetic procedures, but you still have to try to cope with this phenomenon.

Pigmented spots are best cleaned with a complex effect. To begin with, try to protect your skin from exposure to sunlight – it is ultraviolet that is the culprit of the appearance of pigmented spots and take the drug with vitamin C.

If the pigmentation is not too pronounced, try bleaching creams. But be sure to consult with a dermatologist in advance. Some substances contained in funds with a high degree of bleaching have a number of contraindications to application. You can not use such tools during pregnancy, feeding, as well as with chronic liver and kidney diseases.

Отбеливающие крема бывают на основе ртути (такие средства можно использовать только после теста на индивидуальную переносимость), на основе перекиси водорода, лимонной кислоты, пергидроля и салициловой кислоты. Покупая средство, тщательно читайте состав и выбирайте крем, в состав которого входят ингредиенты, не вызывающие у вас аллергических реакций.

In cosmetic salons offer to remove pigment spots with the help of chemical peeling and phototherapy. Chemical peeling is the effect of fruit or glycolic acid on the skin. Under the influence of the drug, the upper layer of the skin is removed. A similar procedure is performed using a laser or ultrasound. If you decide to get rid of pigment spots with the help of a chemical, laser or ultrasonic peeling procedure, it is better to conduct a course of several shallow procedures. Such tactics will help you to avoid the appearance of scars.

The procedure of phototherapy is the effect on the pigmented spot of the light beam. Under the influence of directional, impulsive intense light, the stain becomes paler and becomes lighter. The procedure of phototherapy is completely painless, you will feel only the warmth and slight tingling of the skin. Usually for complete deliverance from pigmentation требуется 3-4 процедуры.

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